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Volunteer effort in Hedon and District – Helping Safely during the pandemic

Hedon’s Covid-19 Responders group is just one small part in a massive voluntary effort that is taking place locally and regionally to tackle the impacts of the coronavirus and the necessary lockdown. Most of the volunteering is informal involving people helping their family or neighbours. Other voluntary activity is centred around local businesses who are helping their more vulnerable and elderly customers.

Hedon’s organised group of volunteers the Covid-19 responders group is getting better organised with 14 ‘signed-up’ volunteers but with more than twice that number offering help of one form or another.

Hedon’s Covid-19 Responders group of volunteers continues to offer help in the local district (includes Paull, Preston, Thorngumbald, Camerton, Ryehill and Burstwick). Volunteers have carried out shopping trips for those isolated in their homes on a one-off basis but also on a regular basis for some who are shielded. Picking up and delivering prescriptions and medications is another common activity. The long Easter weekend also saw the delivery of two emergency food bags for those in urgent need. A group member also arranged to pick up some Easter eggs donated by the Hedon Women’s Institute and deliver them to a local residential home.

“One of the major issues is attempting to identify those isolated in their homes and in urgent need. We appeal to local residents to keep an eye out on local neighbours – if you think they might be in need then try to help safely if you can, but do encourage them to contact the East Riding Coronavirus Community Response contact centre on 01482 393919.”

The form below is an ‘expression of interest form’ in volunteering with the Hedon Covid-19 Responders. After completion of this (which is automatically shared with our contact in the East Riding Council) we will send you further details and an invite to complete a Volunteer Details and Skills form within a few hours of completion.

First – Click and Read Guidance: Coronavirus: How to help safely – GOV.UK

I would like to offer help in the pick-up and delivery services of essential supplies to isolated people in the Hedon and District area (surrounding villages) and other activities deemed safe and appropriate. By completing this form you are also sharing its contents with the East Riding Coronavirus Community Support Hub:

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