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“Seeds of Doubt” Comedy at Bilton – 3rd-5th April 2019

“Seeds of Doubt” is a comedy written in 1991 and is set in a suburban garden, which has provided a challenge for the Bilton Amateur Dramatic Society (BADS) set-building team.

The play takes place from Wednesday 3 April – Friday 5 April 2019 at the Bilton Theatre, Main Road, Bilton. Performance starts at 7:45pm. 

“While Alan attempts to tend his vegetable plot, his peace of mind is disturbed, not only by his impending fortieth birthday, but also by doubts about the fidelity of his wife, Claire.

“The quiet of his garden initially provides some respite from his worries but this is soon disturbed by the ongoing squabbles of his neighbours, Jill and Dave. When a secret message falls into the wrong hands, a chain of events is set in motion which affects not only the two couples but also their friends, the well-meaning but inept Derek and the recently separated Sarah.

“Alan’s concerns are temporarily eased by a surprise birthday party but the evening’s events only serve to throw the other relationships into turmoil, sowing the seeds of doubt for everybody!”

Acting in this production will be Helen Davison as Claire, with a welcome return to BADS by Mark Bateman as her husband, Alan. Playing their neighbours, Jill and Dave, are Carol Hawxwell and Steve “Billy” Hughes. The last time Billy was on stage at BADS was in February 2009. We hope he doesn’t leave such a long gap after this production! Completing the cast are Rachel Lawson playing Sarah, and Ray Rumkee as Derek. Ray is ‘on loan’ from the Chameleon Players and is kindly helping us out with this play.

Directed by Keith Davison

Tickets £6 (concessions £5). To reserve your seat, ring Steve Dale on 01482 812750.

If you require specific seats, or need space for a wheelchair, please phone as soon as possible and we’ll be delighted to accommodate you.

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