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Wednesday Writings – Tees

AFTER quite a break, we are pleased to announce the return of Wednesday Writings to HU12 Online (formerly a series on the Hedon Blog). This is a beautiful piece of poetic prose by Virginia Hall:

“Tees” by Virginia Hall

River Tees in this quiet place you tease me with your meanderings, round each bend something different I see.
A loud noise disturbs both dog and bird, as a boat chugs past, visitors wave, we wave back. Dogs come out of hiding and all is restored.
Oh Tees, how you tease as round another bend I wander and see rowing boats tied down as if been caught. Through the trees and bushes and rushes I fight to take your picture, the wind sounds as if you are smiling and a lovely photo is taken.
Oh river Tees, how you tease as the wind settles and becomes a light breeze. Dappled light on the skirts of your gentle movements of dazzling sheets of glass, like a kaleidoscope, a tapestry of light. A strange sound I hear and then to my left appear a glorious family of swans. I feel like singing to the signets and telling them of their grey beauty. I congratulate the parents on such beauty.
Oh river Tees, how you tease me on my mysterious walk along your banks, I sit a while and contemplate the beauty of you, how you quietly surprise me and make my walk such a joyous time.
Oh river Tees, I now tease you as I up and start to wander back to whence I came, excited to see what else you have or how you can please or tease in the stillness of this late afternoon.
Oh river Tees I thank you now for your calmness you have given me, and the knowledge you hold about God and creation, and the beauty of it all, and how small I am amidst it all.

Virginia said: “I wrote this piece after a short walk along the river Tees the day before a funeral.

“We sat for a while and I just felt the need to write, so I did on Notepad on my phone.
It’s not often that I do write as I have to have that feeling to do so. The poem or prose tells the story of my walk and the sounds and colours of it too.

“Hope you like it?”

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