Wednesday Writings – Stay or Go?

The EU! Should we stay or should we go? Is the vote YES or is it No?… Poetry by Thorngumbald’s Terry Fee…

Republished from HU12 Online:

The EU Referendum is the politically hot topic of the hour. Terry Fee from Thorngumbald sums up some of the choices he thinks need to be made – in a poem!

Stay or go? – By Terry Fee.

The EU! Should we stay or should we go?
Is the vote YES or is it No?
When we first joined it was the Common Market,
Is now the time to tell them where to park it?

It’s run by bureaucrats in fancy suits,
With flashy ties and shiny boots.
You can’t buy a cucumber unless it’s straight,
If you’ve got any sense that can’t be right.

Cameron says he’s done a good deal,
How do the UK people feel?
Let’s stop being ruled from across the shore,
And be our own bosses once more.

The American President who’s saying adieu,
Says Britain will be at the back of the queue,
Johnson and Farage sing a different song,
They say Obama has got it wrong.

So shall we face the great unknown?
Or are we better in our comfort zone?
Is it better the devil we know?
When we vote YES or NO.

So on the 23rd of June.
Get out of your lounge or you front room,
Go down to the polling station,
And make Britain a weaker or a stronger nation.

With many thanks to Terry Fee.

Terry Fee St Mary's Poet

Can you convey an important issue through poetry?

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