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Wednesday Writings – My Library

I would perchance to make you see, What my library means to me, A refuge of tranquillity, For the literary devotee…

My Library (a lament) By David Thompson

I would perchance to make you see,
What my library means to me,
A refuge of tranquillity,
For the literary devotee.

An antidote to stress and strain,
Or simply shelter from the rain,
A jewel of the civic purse,
Repository of lit and verse.

Knowledge for the questing mind,
To browse amongst the shelves and find,
A book or two to take back home,
From novelette to weighty tome,

Oh for the musty smells,
Quiet nooks and dusty shelves,
Bespectacled assistants who
To return or to renew.

But Gideon, Gideon, by decree,
Would to deny the books to me,
Must austerity have its day?
Are funding cuts the only way?

And so I hear around the town,
They`re closing all the branches down,
A travesty of high degree,
To take away “my library”.

David explains his inspiration for writing this exceptional poem:

“Having spent many hours in libraries, browsing and borrowing, despite, e-books, kindles and the internet, to me there is still nothing like holding a book. Nevertheless, libraries are under threat from funding cuts, hence my poem.

“Explanatory Note – ‘Gideon’ is his christened Christian name, before he changed it to George – Osborne.”

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writings – My Library

  1. Having just been briefed at County Hall on the outcome of the Council’s recent consultation on the future of the library service I’d like to respond to our resident poet along the following lines.

    Great poem, David and may I say,
    Reading your words really made my day,
    I would however point out to those,
    Who think Hedon’s Library is about to close.
    That they are wrong as wrong can be,
    The Council really values our Library.

    Sorry folks, for not reaching David’s poetic standard, But – the news is out that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council is indeed committed long term to retaining a library presence in all it’s market towns, Hedon included, and a number of the larger villages.

    OK there will be the need to create combined facilities with local Customer Service Centres, and opening hours may be tweaked a bit, but that’s common sense and much more cost effective.

    The East Riding Council is quite rare insofar as there are to be no wholesale reductions in library services.

    So – all you regular library users, don’t worry, we’re doing our best to look after your needs.

    Cllr. John P. Dennis
    Vice Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council
    Ward Member S.W.Holderness

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