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Yorkshire Water’s Saltend WWTW Community Fund – Apply by Friday 22nd January 2016

THE DEADLINE for submission of applications to the Yorkshire Water Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works Community Fund is: FRIDAY 8th JANUARY 2016. Community Grants of between £100 and £5,000 are now available to apply for. A total of £75,000 is available.

THE DEADLINE for submission of applications to the Yorkshire Water Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works Community Fund is:


Community Grants of between £100 and £5,000 are now available to apply for. A total of £75,000 is available.

Projects of an environmental, social and educational nature, etc, must clearly benefit and will focus on the areas that begin with post-codes:

HU9 5, HU9 4, HU12 8, HU12 9 and HU11 4.

The Hedon Blog has published the Application Form and Bid Criteria document below for easy download and printing off by local residents. Both documents can be downloaded at the Yorkshire Water website at: www.yorkshirewater.com/saltend

Note: The Application Form on the YW website is a Microsoft .docm Word file which does mean you can type straight onto the document, but not everyone has Word and is able to download the file. The file below is a PDF file version of the form which means you have to print it out first before completion.

To get sent the documents by post or e-mail direct from Yorkshire Water, and for all other enquiries, then contact Paul Carter, Yorkshire Water, Western House, Halifax Road, Bradford, BD6 2SZ. Email: publicaffairs@yorkshirewater.co.uk. Tel: 01274 692228.


Community Fund Pic 2015-16The Hedon Blog here brings you lots of useful – albeit unofficial – information, suggestions and tips about the Community Fund. We want to encourage local groups to apply!

Whilst official guidance is available via Yorkshire Water and potential applicants should always contact Yorkshire Water first, we hope that this page can be a place to share experiences about applying to the Community Fund.

Hedon Blog observations/suggestions:

The Community Fund has been established by Yorkshire Water as a measure to help compensate for the foul odours experienced by those living and working in the above postal code areas over the last few years. These postal code areas, are the areas of benefit for the fund and are the places where complaints about odours have been received in the past. Your project must clearly demonstrate how these areas and the people who live there will benefit.

After the Fund has been spent, Yorkshire Water want to be able to demonstrate that the projects supported have provided ‘enduring benefit’ for communities. So in planning your project, make sure it’s not a one-off event or activity (won’t be supported), but is something that continues to provide benefits for a longer period. The project must be completed within 12 months, but you should be able to explain how the benefits to the community will last for much longer. Example: Applying to the fund for books for a children’s reading or art project might only be used for one year of activities, but describe how those books (any materials, facilities, equipment, etc.) will continue to provide ongoing benefits. 

Yorkshire Water, and the Community Fund Committee established to oversee distribution of the funds, both want to see the benefits spread as far as possible: Therefore, applications for smaller grants, that benefit more people are likely to be preferred over bids that will exhaust the fund sooner. So avoid making applications for a bigger grant unless you can prove you really need it ie. don’t just go for the top amount £5,000 unless you can clearly demonstrate that your project is exceptional.

If your project will bring in additional funding or benefits from other organisations, this will be looked on favourably. For example, smaller organisations might choose to work with a larger organisation or another funder to bring in extra money, skills, expertise or other benefits.

Applications must be from ORGANISATIONS only. But a group of individual residents might choose to work with an existing organisation to act on their behalf – but it must be clear who is the applicant (which organisation) and which local residents/areas will benefit and how. 

All applications must be made on the Application Form. The Application Form will help staff at Yorkshire Water determine whether your project is eligible and whether it should be passed on to the Community Fund Committee or not. The two sides of paper constitutes your bid for funding; it is the opportunity to ‘sell’ your project and clearly demonstrate the difference it will make. It is a simple form, but care and attention should be taken when completing it.

An example to consider: Project A is a small community organisation based in Hedon and aims to promote the benefits of its services/activities to the wider district and encourage people to take part. It wants to publish 5,000 brochures to help in a promotional campaign.

The first step is to plan your application in advance. Read the Bid Criteria carefully. And before you write/type anything on the Application Form, make sure you have all the information you need to hand.

Project A is not a registered charity that can provide a registration number so will have to include a copy of its accounts, constitution and other information about itself. Research needs to be conducted into how much the project will cost and how much of that you hope to obtain from the Community Fund.

Consider how the local community will benefit from Project A i.e. more local people will know about the service and how they can take part; new participants will be mentally/physically/socially better off for taking part (describe ‘how’ in a way that is relevant to your group); skills/knowledge gained by project participants will be shared in the wider community.

In the above example the benefit to the community is not the 5,000 brochures, but how they will be used. Whether you are applying for football kit, music equipment, tents, new toilets, etc, etc, it is not the items themselves that are important, but how they will be used to bring community benefit and what those benefits are.

After the 12 months of your promotional campaign and using the brochures, what will be the outcomes from your project? Give some clues to the Community Fund Committee about what you hope to achieve: Perhaps, more participants and more people helped/served; more visitors, members, etc (how many do you expect over the weeks/months and year of the project?). More knowledge about Project A in the local community as demonstrated above; stronger relationships with other groups and organisations (including Company B); the promotional skills of Project A will be improved.

The full cost of the brochures is £1,476.86. Mindful of the fact that the YW funds are limited, Project A has approached Company B who are willing to fund half the costs as sponsors (note: Projects that bring in funding, knowledge and experience from other organisations are especially welcomed by the Community Fund).

The Bid Value to the Community Fund for Project A is £738.43. In the Application Form describe in as much detail as you can how you will spend the £738.43. Be as detailed as you can in the space provided, use real quotes where you can, or prices quoted from catalogue pages and internet. Demonstrate that you have considered value for money and not just guessed at the costs of the project.

Note: Competition for the £75,000 available is expected to be tough. The last time that Yorkshire Water carried out such an exercise in 2012 it was heavily oversubscribed! So the more detail in your Application Form, the easier it will be for the Community Fund Panel to give positive consideration to your application.

If your group or organisation is not very good at making bids of this kind, then contact Yorkshire Water for advice. You might also want to contact local voluntary and community sector support organisations like HWRCC, ERVAS (or if in Hull) Hull CVS for advice.

Any questions? Contact Yorkshire Water in the first instance, but this page is open for discussion.

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