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Information on the old Keel Inn, Hedon?

Can any Hedon Blog readers provide more information about the Keel Inn which stood in Hedon at the beginning of the century? Where was it? Does the original building still stand?…

WE’VE received this from Angela in Cheshire – can any Hedon Blog readers provide more information about the Keel Inn?

The Blog’s own Malc Ripley has mentioned the Keel Inn in one of his earlier reminiscences, believing it to be related to “the current street of Westwick in Hedon, and was part of Alan Markham’s farm yard, years before it being the Keel Inn”, but we would love more information to be able to send Angela.

Keel Inn photoHi,

I came across the Hedon Blog whilst trawling the Internet, and I’m hoping you can forward the attached photo to someone who is interested in the history of Hedon ?

I don’t think the Keel Inn exists anymore, but Ive found the attached photo in some old family photos – my great grandmother was Mary Woodmancy, and I believe her father owned the Inn at the turn of the last century. I would be interested in knowing if the building is still standing, as I would love to pass the photo on to the current occupants.

Many thanks


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  1. Angela your nanna mary woodmancy her sister ada woodmancy married my great grandad…….so james woodmancey was my great great grandad………so we are related woo hoo…. I have been doing the family tree for the past 23 years………very hard as i live in australia and have been back there 4 times but so much to learn……..would love to contact you………. carol edwards email address is bite_me61@bigpond.com

    1. Hello there, I have been researching my family history and in the 1901 census I discovered that a Hilda Tong (the wife of my 3rd cousin, twice removed so very distant!!) lived at the Keel Inn. Her father was a William Tong who is listed as the Innkeeper at the time. The family did not live there according to the 1911 census and the head of the household of the Keel in was an Albert Charles, listed as a bricklayer. I came across this blog when I tried to locate exactly where the Keel Inn was. I don’t know whether this is of any use to anyone, but there you go. John.

  2. The Keel Inn is annotated in Bulmers 1892 as a Beer House, with James Woodmansey as the proprietor. Beerhouses tended not to offer the full services of an inn and consequent limitations of income often meant they provided only part-time employment. The Keel Inn does not seem to have been listed in Baines 1823, Pigots 1828-29, or Whites 1840, although such premises were often then detailed under their patrons’ names. As for addresses, a map of early Hedon placenames in Boyles gives West Gate as an alternative for the then Sheriff Bridge Way. George Baker’s Map of Hedon 1838 gives Mill Lane as its even earlier name. Martin Craven mentions the Keel Inn in his History of the Borough, detailing that a “distinguishing feature was a barge lantern over the entrance, which was illuminated at night.” This is not readily evident in the photo above and it may have been taken down during daytimes. He also records that Albert Charles was its last licensee.

    The introduction of more restrictive licensing during World War One saw the end of many beerhouses. Another one in Hedon was The Greyhound. This was partly on the site of Mr Wickings greengrocery in St Augustine’s Gate. Years ago, Mr Wickings gave me an old beer bottle – probably from the times of The Greyhound – from the back of his shop, but this was sadly lost.

  3. Jane,
    Just for interest, Pete Robson’s and my own other cousins the Long’s, actually lived opposite to the Markham farm at a house on Sh H’way named ‘Gransden’ of parents Fred& Bessie (nee Robson) children Betty, Colin, Ron and Terry. Your Dad may remember them too? Cheers, Malc.

  4. I have a photograph of the White Horse public house at Easington, probably taken around 1900.
    The name above the door is J W Woodmancy, could this be the same J Woodmancy named above the door of the Keel ?

  5. Hi everyone, thank you so much for your fascinating responses. My Nan, whose mother grew up in the pub, will be pleased to hear that the building is still standing. I believe that she tried to find the building during the 1970s, but never managed it, so the wonders of the internet mean that I can now fill her in. Neil, the photo is poor quality, but I have scanned it and will email it to you. Many thanks x

    1. References do keep trickling in about the old former Pub, to interest the readers of the Hedon Blog – of which the Ed. Ray Duffill does such a fine job to keep it up and running.

      Therefore, I set a challenge for those interested in ‘Old Hedon’ articles etc- get delving into your own
      memorabilia and send them in to share with the bloggers…………………..

  6. Stephen Carroll here, my grandma and grandad purchased 64 Sheriffs Highway ( Keel Inn ) in 1971 for £14,000 they lived there just short of 30 years, do remember grandma telling me the house at some point was a farm and a public house. Bye the way a great picture

  7. Grahame Tranmer is correct, as the last house now on the right hand side of Sh H/Way , prior to Westwick was the Keel Inn, 99 years ago it closed for the last time.

    Very interesting what “Angela” had to say from Cheshire!!

    When I was a kid, the then house was occupied by Alan Markham and his wife, he was a smallholder/farmer, with a number of cattle, Where Westwick is now!
    The couple had three sons, Denis, John & Colin. The latter would have been about as old as me (now) at 77. Middle son John, is the local Historian John Markham , an Old Hymerian , very well known for his regular Hull Daily Mail history features,
    He was awarded a PhD from Hull University. The President of the Hedon Local History Society, of which Sue & I are Members incidentally. .John lives in Beverley.

    After the Markhams left many years ago, the property was owned by a Wilkinson family, with a daughter named Valerie. Who lives there now? – maybe all will be revealed by a Hedon Blogger., hopefully……..?
    Cheers, Malc.

    1. Neil Harrison here, owner of Keel Cottage, 62 Sheriff Highway; it was my first home, bought in very poor condition about 30 years ago. I now let Keel Cottage. The old Keel Inn is actually No 64. It is owned by a gentleman called Mike (I don’t have his last name, but do have phone numbers etc), and is let to a tenant. The Old Keel Inn has had a good few owners over my 30 year ownership next door, however an old gentleman lived there at the time of me buying Keel Cottage, and he had lived there for many decades. It too was in a very poor condition. It had been rendered and painted white for many years but the next owner removed the render and repaired the brickwork, blending it again with the rest of the row. I have all the history and names of occupants of most of the cottages and the Keel Inn in my deeds, I will dig them out and add some more information on here.
      Incidentally, the full block of Cottages were actually called Keel Row Cottages, numbered 1 – 7, mine being No 7, with the Keel Inn being the 8th property at the Southern end. Only in more recent times (around the 1930’s I think) were they given a Sheriff Highway address, as this road became more populated with ‘more modern’ houses.
      Angela from Cheshire, I can put you in touch with Mike the owner of the old Keel Inn if you wish. I’ll not put his details on here just in case he would not appreciate it! I would be interested in a scan of the photo if that is possible. I have a lot of other photos of the Keel Inn, Keel Row Cottages, and Sheriff Highway. My email address is nh@structdesign.co.uk

    2. Hi Malc,
      Alan and Alice Markham (nee Gardener) were my dad’s aunt and uncle – John, Dennis and Colin his cousins. Alice’s parents ran the ‘Borough Arms’ (now ‘Haven Arms’ of course) and Alan used to go in there which is how he met Alice.
      I told him about your posts (he also remembers swimming in the Haven!) and he remembers your name, thinks you lived opposite the farm and you used to play together as boys? My dad is Geoff Markham, he is 74 and lives in Thorngumbald. He would like to meet up with you! I’m assuming, if you know John, you know that they moved to a farm at Aike near Driffield. My dad remembers going all the way there to watch the coronation as Uncle Alan and Auntie Alice had a television set!
      I’m interested in joining the Hedon Local History Society, I would appreciate it if you could pass on details about that. It is fascinating to know that so many of my ancestors used to live in Hedon (it helps having a historian in the family!).
      Also, I’ve discovered that there is a ‘Markham Cottage’ on George Street (no.17) and wondered if you know if/how it is linked to our family? I’m sure John will know!
      Look forward to hearing from you Malc,
      Jane Johnson (nee Markham)

      1. Hi Jane,

        Thanks for that – but sadly even though I’ve really racked the old grey matter, I don’t remember at all your Dad Geoff Markham. This is due possibly as I am three years older than your Dad? Even a few years seem to make a bit of difference when we were youngsters! I didn’t live opposite the Markham farm on Sheriff Highway, but further down on the same side towards the old “Main St” as we then called it! It was No 34 Sh H’way. I was a pal of Colin Markham, as he would have been my age now!.
        Just talked to cousin Pete Robson, who sees your Dad at Hedon’s ‘Pop ins’ but we are both unaware of a ‘Markham Cottage’ at no 17 in George St. This is possibly one of the lovely newer cottages of the former Forge/Blacksmiths shop owned then by the well known father and then son, Herbert & Arthur Horseman many years ago.

        The Hedon Local History Society meets every second Tuesday in the month at 7.30, with a Guest Speaker, at the old Church Hall next to rear car Park of the Kings Head, opposite the children’s Nursery. Just come along.

  8. My brother owns the property next door, the window on the right is his cottage which he has named Keel Cottage. He tells me has lots of old photo’s of the Keel Inn and some information on it. Angela, if you would like to contact my brother Neil, his email address is nh@strucdesign.co.uk

  9. I thought at first that it looked like Haven Arms (Borough) but according to the 1892 Bulmer’s Directory, Keel Inn was a beer house, address not given. I found Keel Inn mentioned many times in the newspaper archives. It was there from at least 1891, maybe earlier but had closed by 1917. I found references that it closed in 1916.

  10. just looked on google street it looks a lot like the last house on the right just before westwick as you travel down sherrifs towards paull

    1. it actually looks like number 60 on that row if you count the bricks between the window lintels and the door ????

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