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New parking restrictions to come into operation

NEW parking restrictions come into operation in Hedon from tomorrow Thursday 15th October 2015…

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NEW parking restrictions come into operation in Hedon from tomorrow Thursday 15th October 2015.

Ward Councillor John Dennis explained that the restrictions have resulted from a lengthy process involving many meetings by the Ward Members, Hedon Town Councillors, and traffic and parking officers of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Double yellow bars
No loading or unloading at any time

“The project provides improvements to the restrictions from Church Lane in the west, across the town centre and out along Magdalen Lane in the east. A number of car-parking spaces in the central area have been sacrificed to ensure better traffic flow, for instance in Churchside and Magdalen Lane, but they have been replaced by increasing the numbers elsewhere, including, at the parking area outside the Church View Surgery on the Market Hill where all the spaces were unnecessarily wide, and all but two are now standard width.

Parking Enforcement Officer“Residents should note that in the Market Place, and elsewhere, a number of the double yellow lines have been reinforced by double pavement bars, which upgrades the restriction to absolutely no stopping or loading, and that also includes delivery trucks and disabled badge holders, and people using the Bank cash machines.”

The Traffic Regulation Order will become effective on Thursday 15th October 2015. It will be fully enforceable from this date by the Civil Enforcement Officers.

10 thoughts on “New parking restrictions to come into operation

  1. What a joke! I took a picture today (posted on the Hedon blog) at 2.35pm Sat 24th Oct and not one but 5 cars parked outside the Coop if they are going to bring in new regulations then the least they could do is enforce it!! One chap got out of his car and went to the off licence would you believe! Also the new disabled parking is hardly being used as they still park right outside the post office.

  2. ‘Thanks for publicising this Ray, and your update on 22/10, but are we really surprised that after only a week or so, some drivers are already flouting the new restrictions? It will be the same culprits who have always ignored the yellow lines, and unless the new rules are firmly enforced, will continue to do so.

    As one of the Ward Members I’ve today submitted a request to the ERYC Parking Enforcement team leaders to now introduce a more regular regime of visits by Parking Enforcement Officers, and by that I don’t mean the odd one-off, but an increase in the number of visits generally for the foreseeable future. The quicker the message gets across that ‘no stopping’ means exactly that, the better for the town.

    This issue will be discussed at the Town Council this evening, whether it gets brought up in the Public Participation section, or not.

    Cllr. John P. Dennis
    E.R.Y.C. .Ward Member for S.W.Holderness
    Hedon Town Councillor

      1. Hi Christine, the first time a person leaves a comment it needs manually approving, any further posts should be automatically approved. It’s how the software works.

        1. Thanks for the reply Ray, iv’e commented on stuff before and had no problem, but will wait to see of comment goes up.

  3. Now it looks like the parking situation is finally going to be dealt with ( if parking enforcement is kept up) the situation regarding loading and unloading of goods vehicles needs to be addressed . If you are unlucky enough to have to push either a wheelchair or pushchair when a vehicle is unloading outside the off licence for example it is impossible to pass without crossing the road twice and usually with limited view as the vehicles are often parked tight up to the crossing and also blocking the pavement for pedestrians for anything up to 2 hours at a time why can’t strict loading and unloading times be agreed to stop the disruption.

    1. There’s a big “IF” there Bobby, but I have seen wardens on patrol since the new rules came in.
      But I do like your idea of strict loading times. It works in London. Busy streets like Oxford Street insist on deliveries before 9 and after 5pm, keeping the street clear during key busy hours.
      That does raise the issue of how the market traders would set up and leave on Wednesdays. And when the stalls are up, and deliveries and buses all arrive, that’s when we get the worst hold ups in the town square. But an idea worth pursuing I think.

  4. Fully approve of the new regulations. Too many people park on bus stops and double yellows in the square and Market Hill, risking accidents and holding traffic up.
    But I hope East Riding are going to provide enough traffic wardens to enforce the parking regulations on a regular basis, or people will continue to abuse the situation.

    1. I’ve had an accident outside of HSBC due to some plonker illegally parked. Any parking restrictions have to be policed otherwise they are useless.

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