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Bye, Bye HedFest – See you again next year for #HedFest16 ?

Here’s a few lasting images of the Hedon Festival 2015…

SO that was HedFest folks! So, should we start organising for the next #HedFest16 festival? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Here’s a few lasting images of the Festival – and that includes some of the additional garden parties, open days, events and activities organised across the town inspired by HedFest.

UPDATE: We’ve added a whole new batch of photos taken at HedFest by Rachel Cliffe who has provided an all-encompassing set of photos chronicling the festival (photographs will load in random order each time you open this page):

More photos at www.flickr.com/groups/hedfest/ and don’t forget our photo competition!

And here’s a few people – not all of them, but just a few of them – who helped make HedFest happen:

13 thoughts on “Bye, Bye HedFest – See you again next year for #HedFest16 ?

  1. A whole NEW BATCH of photos have been included in the above gallery taken by Rachel Cliffe who single-handedly has captured nearly every aspect of #HedFest15 – there’s a few here, but if it was at HedFest you can almost guarantee Rachel’s covered it. Respect!

    1. I am asking readers to have a good long last look at these excellent photos of HedFest – approximately 13 of these were taken by the then Hedon Blogger (until 22nd April 2016) Rachel Cliffe.

      Rachel was acting as a Hedon Blogger when taking these photos and many people did then, and still do associate her with the Hedon Blog. However, because of a personal dispute between Rachel and I, which has got nothing to do with the Hedon Blog or HU12 Online, she is demanding we take down her photographic works. Rachel was working with the Hedon Blog / HU12 Online at the time these were taken so ‘ownership’ of the photos is not a clear issue and agreement to publish was by verbal mutual arrangement rather than any written agreement.

      Whilst still a trusted Hedon Blogger with rights to publish articles and make changes to this website, Rachel opted to delete all her own articles (a quite impressive portfolio of work) and other material she felt she had created.

      However, out of respect to my former colleague, I aim to abide by Rachel’s wishes (once receiving a formal instruction from her specifying which items she wants removing) but thought it worthwhile to give readers some explanation of the occasions of broken hyperlinks and lost material.

      I reaffirm what I said on 15th August 2015, notwithstanding the unwarranted deletion of blog files, I have a lot of respect for the work of Rachel and the contribution she has made towards Hedon Blog and HU12 Online.

      Ray Duffill

      1. The goodwill offer mentioned above is now withdrawn. No formal instruction has been received. Instead, Rachel Cliffe, via third parties, has made repeated, unfounded allegations regarding breach of her copyright.
        Ray Duffill
        5th June 2016

  2. Was a privilege to be involved in the first of what I hope will be an annual event. Would not have been possible without the guidance of John & Rupert of Cornucopia – thank you guys. And a HUGE thanks to all who participated in whatever way. I hope it was a fruitful event for you all. Bring on 2016!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed HedFest!! It was a fantastic 2 days and weren’t we lucky with the weather on the Saturday for the Parade and outdoor events. It was lovely to see so many people and families coming together to enjoy the activiites. Very well done to all the organisers and participants and roll on next year!!

  4. excellent event, good for the community, and local buisness will have benefited ,hope it will be back each year

  5. Amazing and well done to everyone for all your efforts and hard work in making this a successful event enjoyed by everyone 😀

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