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Hedon – The big flood of 2007

Janet Smith has sent us a collection of photographs which capture the levels of floodwater hitting the Inmans area – and some revealing aerial photos submitted by Nigel…

IT may be a beautiful start to the morning in Hedon today, but 8 years ago on the 25th June the town was besieged by flooding as part of a series of destructive floods that hit Hull and the East Riding in 2007.

Janet Smith has sent us a collection of photographs which capture the levels of water hitting the Inmans area. This will serve as a scary reminder to residents off the heart-wrenching effects of the floodwaters and explains the current deep ingrained fear of flooding that exists in the psyche of those who represent Hedon’s interests.

If other residents have photos from the big floods of 2007 that they wish to share, this page could become a collection reflecting the events and impacts of that episode in the town’s recent history.

Thank you to Nigel for sending through the second gallery of photos showing the floodwaters in Hedon from the air!


7 thoughts on “Hedon – The big flood of 2007

  1. West wick was flooded the day before the rest of Hedon, thanks to the state of Burstwick Drain. If it had been dredged regularly would not have been so bad.

  2. I rode around Inmans yesterday on the service bus, for the first time in many years. One thing that struck me was how many houses have paved gardens – very neat for the most part, but surely a significant factor towards flooding risk.

  3. Something has changed this year insurance-wise it seems aswell. Our house didnt flood back then luckily and we have had no difficulties getting home insurance until this year. Now many insurers simply won’t offer a quote and those that did last year are some 8 times higher than before.

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