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Micropub on Watmough’s Arcade, Hedon

This is Chequers in Beverley – Yorkshire’s first micropub opened in June 2013. Subject to licensing, Hedon is to get its own micropub in Watmough’s Arcade…

A MICROPUB is applying for a licence to open at Watmough’s Arcade in Hedon. The small recently refurbished shop unit to the rear of Watmough’s Arcade will be where the proposed business will be located (not to be confused with the larger premises in the same complex currently being refurbished which is to be a new British Red Cross furniture store).

The application for a licence for ‘The Thirsty Pig’ is being considered the by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and is for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages between the hours of 11am and 11pm Monday to Thursday and Sunday, and from 11am – midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Regulated indoors entertainment would be permitted on Fridays and Saturdays.

Chequers Micropub in Swaby's Yard, Beverley
Chequers Micropub, Yorkshire’s first micropub, opened in 2013 at Swaby’s Yard, Beverley

A micropub, as the name suggests, is a small freehouse mainly selling cask ales, cider and perry.

There are over 100 recognised micropubs across the UK, and reflects a growing trend for starting such ventures prompted by licensing laws being relaxed ten years ago that allows for their easier start-up.

Compared with a traditional public house the costs of setting up and running a micropub are extremely low – it’s about getting rid of everything that you don’t really need in order to get up and running, and then concentrating almost solely on your main activity; looking after your customers and selling beer in the condition it was meant to be sold.

The scaled-down and low-cost features of a micropub may comprise:

  • Ability to source local beers from local breweries – no tie-ins to the big pub companies;
  • choosing not to sell keg beers or lagers reducing the need for complex equipment and ‘cellars’;
  • no music reducing the need to pay for performing rights fees. Promoting conversation instead;
  • no games machines (or juke boxes), maximising space and reducing bureaucracy;
  • passing on the benefits of low overheads to customers in the form of lower prices.

It will be interesting to see what the new enterprise on Watmough’s Arcade is actually proposing to offer customers.

There’s more information about micropubs at the Micropubs Association website.

Visit: www.micropubassociation.co.uk

9 thoughts on “Micropub on Watmough’s Arcade, Hedon

  1. Micropubs are quite the new thing. Over 90 have opened in the last couple of years, (while many old pubs are closing of course). They are usually targeted at the serious real ale supper. I know we have 6 pubs already ( if you include Kingstown) but this should be a distinctive offering.. no Sky TV or loud music, just good ale and ciders..
    I know we will be checking it out as soon as it is up and running – and good luck to them !

    1. Yes, you’re right, many apologies Ian! My assumption was based on a photo I took at Christmas of the rear of Chequers showing some empties – it reveals more about my lack of knowledge of the difference between a keg and a cask! Have removed the incorrect reference above 🙂


  2. What a great idea – a real alternative to mass market breweries and especially the idea of promoting conversation, instead of earsplitting karaoke! There’s a gap in the market for this, I think it would do well.

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