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Yarn bombing HedFest!

Do you knit? This is an exciting way for you to get involved in HedFest 2015…

Bunting BurstwickHeads up Knitters! There’s a plan to ‘Yarn Bomb’ HedFest with knitted bunting!

Knitting wikipediaThe Hedon Festival will bring lots of art forms to the town in summer 2015 – knitting is perhaps one of those that could be overlooked; but not so, at HedFest!

If knitters respond to the organiser’s appeal, then Hedon could be festooned with knitted bunting by the start of the Festival in August.

And everyone who knits for pleasure can get involved! You don’t have to be an expert.

Wanted: Knitted/crocheted/sewn/ squares, triangles, scarves or Pom Poms. They can be of any size and colour, plain or patterned.

The pieces of work can be dropped off at the Yorkshire Mobility Shop at 22 New Road, Hedon when the shop is open. The individual pieces of work will be combined to make the HedFest bunting.

If you want further information about what to knit then contact Anita on 07936 281585.

Visit: hedfest.uk

Friday 14th August (Eve) and Saturday 15th August 2015


Yarn Bombing is an US invented phenomenon that has spread around the world. It allows for a creative use of left-over wool and yarn but also adds a bit of colour and excitement to places. Yarn Bombing can get quite elaborate as the following photos from Wikipedia demonstrate.



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