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Funding bid for Hedon Festival

The Hedon Town logo associated with our history and heritage – but perhaps it symbolises arts, music and festival too!? A funding bid for £10,000 has been made to contribute towards the staging of a small-scale Hedon Festival in the summer. We hope that residents will be excited by the prospect of a festival and back the bid!

A BID for funding for £10,000 has been made to contribute towards the staging of a small-scale Hedon Festival in the summer.

Hedon Town logo
The Hedon Town logo associated with our history and heritage – but perhaps it symbolises arts, music and festival too!?

Described as a ‘community-based music festival with family entertainment’, the Hedon Festival would hope to include the local pubs, the Alexandra Hall, St Augustine’s Church, other venues and a marquee-area in staging bands, street theatre, carnival activities, crafts workshops and other activities.

If the funding bid is successful, the festival is expected take place over a Friday night, Saturday daytime and evening during August 2015 and would include the main street being closed for the day and a special area in the town being created to stage special attractions with entry restricted to those who buy low-cost wristbands. Other venues would provide free attractions as part of the festival programme.

However, the funding bid applicant John Holtby of Cornucopia says that the event could only happen and only take place with the active involvement of the local community and an essential first step would be to organise a public meeting where schools, community groups, voluntary societies, local businesses and others could decide how best to participate.

The funding bid to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s High Street Fund has been made through a partnership of Cornucopia, Hedon Town Council and St Augustine’s Church.

By Friday next week we should know whether the funding bid has been successful or not, and we will bring that news as soon as it is formally released by the East Riding Council. However, between now and then it would be interesting to see what support there is for such an event in the town?

Jazz men Yorkshire Day 2010
Jazz men Yorkshire Day 2010

This could be a fantastic opportunity for Hedon with local residents having a major family event taking place on their doorstep. The last time the town hosted something nearly as big was when it hosted Yorkshire Day in 2010 and that was a great success and a very enjoyable day. The Hedon Festival event would bring music, entertainers and artists of all types to the town. It would boost the number of people visiting the town and local groups and businesses would all benefit from the increased footfall. It would be a marvellous chance to show and demonstrate everything positive about the town and put Hedon on the Festival map!

The hope, is that the first event would be a success and perhaps lead to a sustainable annual event taking place?

The Hedon Blog wholeheartedly backs the funding bid and offers its support to the organisers. If successful we will push, plug and promote the event including in our new monthly community newspaper the Herald which will be delivered to all households in Hedon, Paull, Preston and Thorngumbald from May 2015.

We hope that other residents share our enthusiasm and will also back the bid.

Note: Cornucopia are experienced in festival organisation with a responsibility for the Burton Constable Hall ‘Music, Green and Arts’ festival, and the Cottingham Springboard Festival.

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  1. Everyone really enjoyed the Yorkshire Day festival a few years back. It’d be great if we could make this kind of thing an annual event – so good for community spirit and a chance to have some fun instead of worrying about day to day life 😊. Even if this biggish event doesn’t come off, hopefully a one day one will?

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