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Ask the Candidates! #HedAsk15

WITH the looming General Election rarely out of the news these days, it’s probably a good time to remind voters that on Thursday 7th May 2015 you also get to vote in LOCAL elections

Ask the candidateWITH the looming General Election rarely out of the news these days, it’s probably a good time to remind voters that on Thursday 7th May 2015 you also get the opportunity to vote for:

  • Three Ward Councillors to represent us on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council,
  • Twelve Councillors to represent us on Hedon Town Council.

As has become traditional on the Hedon Blog we will be offering a web page to each of the candidates standing in both elections, and each will get the opportunity to explain in 500 words why you should vote for them. That web page will also display any leaflets that candidates distribute.

BUT this election is probably unlike any other that has taken place previously; it will also be fought in cyberspace, on the internet and across social media! Not all candidates will choose to be campaigning on Facebook and on Twitter (for example), but they will be missing a trick! The opportunities for engagement, debate and instant feedback available on social media offer great prospects for candidates to get over their point of view; it also allows the public to scrutinise candidates and their policies like never before.

The rise of hyperlocal and social media helps empower the public to put their issues in front of candidates for discussion, rather than just wait to hear what they want to tell us. The public now have some control over the political agenda.

The Hedon Blog is today launching its ‘Hedon Ask the Candidates’ campaign (Twitter #HedAsk15). We will be collecting questions from Hedon residents on the issues that they would like to see the candidates giving answers too. The most popular of those questions we intend to put formally to each candidate.

As openers, and based upon much prior discussion on the Hedon Blog, we put forward this question in two parts to both Ward and Town Council hopefuls:

Q1 (in two parts). Vehicle Parking and new Housing: Hedon is an ancient borough with a rich heritage to consider, it also has an active constituency of the population that wishes to preserve the town’s green open spaces, so:

a) How do we meet the modern needs for better vehicle parking provision in the town?

b) How do meet the demand for more housing and affordable homes in the town?

Now it’s over to you. Please submit your general question to the candidates about Hedon issues. Those asked most frequently will certainly be put to the candidates.

Note: We are asking for your address so that we can verify that you are on the electoral register as a Hedon voter – and you can opt to give us your phone number if you would be interested in asking your question to the candidates at a public hustings. Note – only your name and question may be published – your address and telephone will not be.

Known Candidates (@ 18th March 2015) who will be offered a Hedon Blog web page.

Candidates Party East Riding of Yorkshire Council Hedon Town Council
Neil Black  Labour  √
Mike Bryan  Conservative   √
John Dennis  Conservative   √
Stephen Gallant  Labour   √
Brian Stockdale  Labour   √
Terry West  UKIP   √