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Phase two of Horsewell Pond restoration

Phase 1 involved sinking a 1-ton capacity water storage tank into the ground at Horsewell Pond. Here Cllr. Terry West explains what’s involved in the second phase…

Terry West and Water Tank
Cllr. Terry West and the 1-ton capacity water tank which was later buried at the pond site – Jan 2015

“THE FIRST phase of restoring the Horsewell went well,” reported Councillor Terry West at last week’s council meeting, referring to the work that had taken place at the end of January 2015. “The container we sank holds one ton of water, and it filled up to three-quarters full very quickly. So it’s working efficiently. We now want to make sure everything above ground is working just as well.”

Cllr. West outlined a plan to Hedon Town Council for further efficiency measures to ensure that water is channelled into the pond: “Maintaining the swale (shallow ditch which channels the water towards the pond – Editor) could be a regular task as it regularly fills up with soil and debris, so a better method is to pipe the water from Market Hill. Using the same method we can channel the standing water on Ivy Lane, adjacent to Hedon Primary School, to the storage chamber as well. The pipes would be ‘perforated’ and filled with self-cleaning gravel which would actually clean the water as it collects in and runs along them.

“This piping phase should ensure a steady supply of water to the tank and pond – it’s the lack of a supply which has led to the pond drying out in the past,” he explained.

The project which was estimated at a cost of £720 and take about a day’s work was agreed in principle by Hedon Town Council last week.

Councillor West later said that he had seen the recent photos on the Hedon Blog of the Horsewell in 1926 sent in by Janet Smith, and he was delighted to be able to work towards its restoration.

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  1. At least the daffodils bulbs are coming up and growing at either side of the slope, hopefully it will show a bit of colour, we planted over 400 bulbs with a group of children from Ketwell school.

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