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‘We’ve been accused of littering’ complain Merryman Garth residents

‘We’ve been accused of littering’ by Hedon Town Council complain Merryman Garth residents!

Jim Lindop Dave Foston
Jim Lindop and Dave Foston next to the recently cleared ditch which they say residents of Merryman Garth have been accused of littering

RESIDENTS in Merryman Garth have reacted angrily to a letter from Hedon Town Council which they say accuses them of being responsible for putting rubbish in a ditch. The letters, sent out last week to residents whose gardens back onto the Far Bank ditch, advises residents ‘to refrain from putting rubbish in the ditch’.

Jim Lindop who resides in the street and is a former town councillor received the letter and says its tone was “particularly harsh and nasty”. He called on the council to issue an apology to those residents who have received a copy. Dave Foston also received a letter and said that the council should have done a bit of homework first: “They should have made sure that the letters were personalised and individually addressed, instead it makes out that everyone has been accused of littering!”

Mr Foston said that fly tipping was a problem in the ditch but it was extremely unlikely that residents of Merryman were the cause. Overhanging council trees, he said, were the main source of much of the fallen debris, branches and twigs in the ditch. Mr Foston also complained that tree trunks and roots from trees on the council-owned land on Far Bank were damaging residents’ fences as well.

Mr Lindop said that two residents had rung up straight away to complain after getting the letters, and the council should expect to receive at least three more letters of complaints from indignant residents. He also said that one of the letters sent out by the council had been individually addressed to a resident on the street accusing him of allowing bird effluent to build up in the ditch outside his property, but, declared Mr Lindop, the resident who received the letter doesn’t have any birds!

The Town Clerk at the Hedon Town Council meeting last week confirmed that letters to residents in Merryman Garth had been sent out and two residents had rang up and were clearly not happy. Hedon Town Council staff have recently cleaned and cleared the ditch of debris and rubbish.

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  1. Both sides should get a grip! Far more serious issues going on in the world right now and you are squabbling over a few twigs and leaves building up… As for the council owned trees damaging your fences, which was there first? The trees of the fence? Grow up Hedon Town Council, grow up residents!

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