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It’s ‘high five’ for the Haven Arms!

Haven Arms at night
THE HAVEN ARMS pub and restaurant on Havenside, Hedon has recently obtained the highest possible food hygiene rating – its achieved a ‘score on the door’ of 5 stars.

Pub and restaurant owners Mark Hawksworth and Alison Smyth are obviously delighted with the score resulting from an inspection carried out last month, and reaction from customers expressed on Facebook has been overwhelming in agreeing with the rating, with some expressing surprise that it hadn’t always been 5 stars reflecting the food and service on offer from the restaurant.

Mark explained that the latest score has naturally resulted from the recent investment into the kitchen facilities at the Haven:

Haven Arms Food Hygiene RatingAfter things have been pretty much the same for 30 years, we have increased the size of our commercial kitchen by 50 per cent, to make it adequate for the volume of business we now enjoy which can sometimes be several hundred meals a day. As a result of these structural improvements we have been awarded a 5 star Scores on the doors.”

The investment into the new kitchen facilities has also been a bit of a boon for local businesses:

“We would like to thank all of the following LOCAL companies who have worked with us to achieve this success often working through the night and early mornings to minimise disruption to trading. These are all first-rate businesses which offer fantastic products and craftsmanship at excellent pricing and are thoroughly recommended.

“They include Derek Wright – Architectural and Planning services, Danny at P&J Builders, John at JC Campbell Joinery and anti-slip flooring, Ian Harrison Gas and Plumbing, Martin Emson Electrical Services, Mike Woolway roofing, Chris Thompson plastering, Johnsons of Hedon fixings and sundries, Ralph Builders building materials, Eurocell Hygiene cladding, special thanks to MJC Joinery – an exceptional job at short notice – a real problem solver, and finally East Riding of Yorkshire council for their help support and encouragement!

“Finally we must say thank you to all of our amazing customers for bearing with us through occasional disruption and for your continued support which has enabled us to get where we are now. Onwards and upwards for the future!”

Visit: www.havenarms.co.uk

Haven Arms Adv5-001
And on Facebook at Haven Arms Hedon

‘Scores on the Doors’ explained – and should we publish them?

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is run by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council locally. It is not a guide to food quality, rather it checks – through inspection by officers – how hygienically food is handled; how it is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored. It checks the condition of the structure of the buildings; the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities, and also how the business manages what it does to make sure food is safe and how standards will be maintained in the future. A rating from 0 (lowest) – 5 (highest) is then given.

The scheme means that people can choose to eat out or buy food at places with higher ratings and businesses with low ratings are in danger of losing customers and so will be encouraged to improve standards more quickly and to maintain these in the future.

If a business’s hygiene standards are very poor and there is an imminent risk to health – this means food is not safe to eat – officers must take action to make sure that consumers are protected, which can could mean prohibiting part of an operation or closing the whole business down.

All businesses should be able to achieve the top rating. If they do not, a food safety officer will tell them what improvements they need to make to achieve a higher rating, and is able to give practical advice on how to make the improvements.

Of course a place that displays its ‘Score on the Door’ is a good sign that it has been inspected, but what if a place doesn’t display a score (and businesses in this area do not have to display a sign), what should you do then? Common sense would say that you should look for other signs that a place is good to eat in. Check what other people say about a place and read any reviews in the newspapers or online. Has the place won any awards, is it displaying certificates.

Of course a good advert for any food business is to display its score on the door. But over the last couple of years some readers have suggested that it would be useful if Hedon Blog published the public information on food hygiene standards of premises in the town? We would be interested in readers comments on this. It might be useful as a guide, but without personal knowledge of each and every establishment, would it tell the whole story?

If you do want to find out the rating for a food business you can visit the Government Food Standards Agency website, information from which, parts of this article is based upon.

Visit: http://ratings.food.gov.uk/

2 thoughts on “It’s ‘high five’ for the Haven Arms!

  1. Congratulations to Mark on achieving a 5 for food hygiene. But could they please tidy up the outside areas of the pub please, always looks untidy and scruffy, it puts me off visiting the pub to be honest.

  2. Thanks for the recognition, guys – it’s great when local businesses can help each other. Good for trade and good for the community, and keeps the cash local instead of going to big firms elsewhere. Good luck!

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