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Ice? Snow? Who are you gonna call? – Grit Squad!

Leaf Sail resident Aly Smith has contacted us with his wonderful idea of forming a local Hedon Grit Squad and we’re delighted to support his initiative…

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WITH recent Met Office reports about bad winter weather hitting us this week (which hasn’t materialised yet) our report yesterday highlighted the roles of East Riding Council and Hedon Town Council in gritting/salting roads and footpaths. This also prompted Leaf Sail resident Aly Smith to contact us with his wonderful idea of forming a local Grit Squad.

Inspired by a friend of his who already runs a scheme in North Yorkshire, Aly imagines the ‘Hedon Grit Squad’ would be a body of volunteers who in severe weather would take to the streets in an organised programme of gritting to ensure that essential areas not gritted by the councils would be tackled and made safer. This would involve clearing snow and ice where necessary.

Aly plans to set up a group initially to cover Leaf Sail: “We’d firstly provide two salt bins on Cleeve Road/Sacred Gate and Cleeve Road/Cromwell Road, we would also need safety equipment such as high visibility vests, snow clearing and salt-spreading equipment.”

He hopes the Grit Squad can be funded purely by donations and has set up a Go Fund Me page to attract donors.

He is also keen to hear from other residents in Hedon who feel this is a good idea; would like to see it benefit their part of Hedon, or could possibly help in any way. Aly can be contacted at alysm.th@gmail.com and his funding appeal page is at the link below.

I’ll start the ball rolling with a £10 donation towards this fantastic self-help idea, and offer support as a volunteer – Ray Duffill, Editor.

Visit: www.gofundme.com/lhtga0

Photo: ERYC (not a Hedon scene)

2 thoughts on “Ice? Snow? Who are you gonna call? – Grit Squad!

  1. Just a quick update, due to the unseasonal weather there’s not been much in the need for gritting the paths and roads but thanks to local telecoms firm KC we are able to purchase some equipment ready for the cold spell when it comes. Watch this space.

  2. Great idea, the roads were really bad yesterday and a scheme like this will help, I hope everyone gets behind this. People power in action!

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