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St Augustine’s photo challenge 2015

WITHOUT a doubt the most photographed public place in Hedon is the beautiful King of Holderness, the magnificent Church of St Augustine. On the Hedon Blog we take quite a few photos of the church which we use to accompany articles about it or events taking place there.

This year we are going to collect and gather together those photos and hopefully capture the changing appearance of the church throughout 2015. And we would like readers to join in! If you have a good image that perhaps shows St Augustine’s in a different light (can be taken literally) or is unusual in some way – then send it to us at hedonblog@gmx.com and we will publish the best here in a gallery.


These photos have been taken over the years by Tom Bond and demonstrate the different viewpoints from which the church can be photographed.
Tom Bond Collage
More photos taken over the years by Katy Miller:

This image of the church during the big freeze of December 2010 was taken by Jim Uney. Jim has quite aptly given this the title “The Frozen King” – stunning picture post-card image and historical record!
Frozen church by Jim Uney Dec 2010
More snowy church shots by Jim Lindop – this time taken in January 2012 we believe.

22 thoughts on “St Augustine’s photo challenge 2015

  1. We’ve had two more excellent submissions to our Photo Challenge by Jason Bryan:
    The Church at sunset from Magdalen Lane.

    and a really lovely Black and White atmospheric.
    Lovely Black and White atmospheric

  2. Katy Miller again – and they fit the brief of having been taken this year. A stunning gothic image and a very atmospheric shot too.
    Gothic church
    Atmospheric church
    Added to the main gallery

  3. WE are still collecting photos of the “King of Holderness” – the beautiful St Augustine’s Church  – for our Photo Challenge 2015. These were taken this month (March 2015) by Alan Galloway. Thanks Alan!

    Alan’s great shots have been added to the Gallery collection in the article above.

  4. This image doesn’t fill the brief of photographing St Augustine’s during 2015 – but WOW! what an image! Taken by Jim Uney in December 2010 durring the big freeze, he calls it “The Frozen King!”
    The Frozen King

  5. It would be good to see more interior shots as well as the imposing exterior view. There are some lovely stained glass windows and interesting ancient memorials (witness the mediaeval stone knight to the side of the sanctuary for example.)

  6. TOM BOND from the church has sent us a selection of his photos taken over the years – we’ve put them together into a collage. It’s useful in that it shows some of the many viewpoints from which you can enjoy the majesty of ‘The King’.
    Tom Bond - Collage

  7. These magnificent night time views of the church were taken this week by accomplished photographer Andy Beecroft. We’ve altered the gallery settings in the feature article above so that the latest images will show first.
    Andy Beecroft 1
    Andy Beecroft 2
    Andy Beecroft 3

    1. Ah haaa, I wonder if this is the object I saw over my house on Friday night? It hovered for ages right above this end of Souttergate, then zipped over to the church, then back again. I thought the CIA had finally caught up with me…

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