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Hedon Fitmums – Your keep-fit resolution for 2015

LOOKING to get fit for the New Year? The Hedon Fitmums and Friends Club could be a friendly and sociable solution!

LOOKING to get fit for the New Year? The Hedon Fitmums and Friends Club could be a friendly and sociable solution!

runner for funHedon Fitmums started in August 2014 and is a members’ running and support group. It is part of a network of clubs that aim to help improve fitness and provide members with an opportunity to socialise with like-minded people. It is run on a not-for-private-profit basis and puts all membership monies back into developing the clubs, and providing training to support the volunteer club leaders and coaches.

Despite the ‘Fitmums’ name, and its additional mission to provide post natal depression support to new mums, the group also welcomes men, dads and grandparents. The group is not limited to mums and you don’t have to be fit to join.

Julie Fenton, Hedon Fitmums and Friends organiser, told us:

“Fitmums is unique as the club caters for people of all abilities. We use a system called shepherding which means that regardless of how fast you run or what your ability is, the group sets off as a group and comes back as a group.

“We have six different runs each night ranging from one to six miles and each mileage group is led by a qualified run leader who supports, motivates and encourages every member in their group as they go through the run.”

Hedon Fitmums takes place on Monday nights. Members meet in the marquee at the Haven Arms, Havenside in Hedon at 7pm. People interested in joining or finding out more are asked to turn up a little bit earlier at 6:45pm.

Membership for Fitmums is £35 for the year (new runners are welcome to try up to three sessions before deciding whether Fitmums and Friends is the right club for them) and members can attend any Fitmums session across East Yorkshire. There is a run taking place on every week day including daytime runs at Beverley (who also provide childcare) and a ‘buggy burn’ session at East Park on a Thursday for mums that want to exercise and take their baby with them.

The Hedon Fitmums and Friends club programme for 2015 starts Monday 5th January and new runners are invited to come to the Haven Arms marquee for 6:45pm.

Visit: www.fitmums.org.uk

You can also find Hedon Fitmums and Friends on Facebook.

Visit: www.facebook.com/hedonfitmums

Haven Arms Marquee2
Look for the Haven Arms marquee

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