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The Rucksack Project

Below is a piece that is written on their facebook page for further info please click on link below. This link  http://www.rucksackproject.org/index.htm will take you to the main page. Hope everyone that reads the Blog will get involved:

The Rucksack project is a movement towards showing a little compassion especially during the festive season. Last year they collectively packed and gave out around 600 rucksacks in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

To take part in the Rucksack Project Hull 2014 here’s what you can do:
1. Find a used Rucksack to fill with things a person living rough will appreciate and need. – warm clothing / toiletries (rucksacks can be made up for men / women) Packets of soup / pot noodles – preserved food – fresh food may go off ! A book to read and so on. Charity Shops are excellent places to find used Rucksacks and warm clothing .
2. Pick up a Note to Police (so the police can’t say the persons bag is stolen.) I will let you know when they have been distributed to Charity Shops on Holderness Road and Newland Avenue. You can always design your own note too.
3. Take the now full Rucksack to a Hostel or Soup Kitchen meeting place ( I will be listing the Hostels / soup kitchens soon) or give it directly to the person you think could benefit from your Rucksack.
4. Please pass your rucksack on or before the 21st December 2014

Please remember The Rucksack Project is a movement not a Charity and relies on people like us to keep it going by very simple filling a rucksack with appropriate goodies and passing it on to a person who has no fixed abode.

Homelessness is still on the rise due cuts and lack of essential services and just because. Feel the Love this festive season and remind ourselves and our children what Christmas is really about.

The Rucksack Project Hull and the East Riding.facebook-header_rucksacoproject

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