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Hedon Town Council meeting – a photo first!

NOT a particularly dramatic shot but a bit of a historic first! This is the first photo of a Hedon Town Council meeting published under the Government’s ‘right to report’ measures…

Council Meeting-001

Ray Duffill - cameraman
A rather serious Hedon Blogger!

NOT a particularly dramatic shot but a bit of a historic first! This was taken on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at a meeting of Hedon Town Council during the Public Participation session in Hedon’s historic Town Hall.

Whilst photos/video shots have been taken before at council meetings, this has been the first time it has happened under the Government’s ‘right to report’ measures.

The council has to suspend its ‘standing orders’ (rules) before each meeting to allow for filming and recording until it changes them at its annual meeting next year. The video taken at the meeting is not up to broadcast quality but will allow for better transcription of comments made by councillors.

Above pictured from left-to-right going around the table are; Councillors Allen Marshall, Neil Black, Gordon Thurston, Mrs Joanna Richardson (Town Clerk), Deputy-Chair (and deputy Mayor) Cllr David Thompson, Mike Bryan, Sarah Rommell, Terry West, Brenda Goldspink. Colin Billany. Just out of sight and having to stand because of a painful medical condition is Cllr Tom Goldspink. Giving apologies for the evening was Chair and Mayor Cllr John Dennis and Cllr Di Storr (apologies for late arrival after work).

We hope to be able to improve our coverage of the Town Hall and its deliberations as resources and technology allows… more about this soon!

2 thoughts on “Hedon Town Council meeting – a photo first!

  1. Hi Jim, Therefore, Hedon Town Council should erect two larger notice boards that are of a size capable of displaying these pearls of wisdom!

  2. During this public meeting were only two residents attended, I asked why the only place to read any minutes of council meetings was on there website, therefore if you do not have access to the internet you will never know what they do.
    They said we used to place a copy in the library but haven’t done so for along time.
    I asked if they would put copies of the minutes in the Town hall notice boards, so at least residents might see what decisions they make.
    Their reply was we cannot see a problem, “as were an open and honest council”, but would need to discuss this at another meeting.
    At that meeting last Thursday they decided the minutes were far too big to fit in the two notice boards.
    Not entirely open are they

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