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Labour – opening shots in 2015 election battle

LABOUR Party leaflet – early launch of local election campaign to encourage us to vote on THURSDAY 7th MAY 2015. The issue of fracking is likely to feature prominently in Labour’s…

Labour ERYC leaflet 2015001Labour ERYC leaflet 2015002 LABOUR has been quick to launch its election campaign locally for the East Riding Council (ERYC) elections.

Still over 6 months away, the election on Thursday 7th May 2015 will see three seats in the South West Holderness Ward contested. Labour believes the South West Holderness Ward is winnable for the Party and has struck out early delivering its first election leaflet in an effort perhaps to set the political agenda for the campaign that will follow.

Fracking – the technique designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock – features highly in the Labour campaign with a call for a moratorium (a legal delay on agreements and obligations) on fracking while its risks and impacts are assessed.

Improving roads and parking, affordable housing, and more ERYC powers being delegated to Town and Parish Councils are some of the issues raised in the leaflet along with a pledge to act on behalf of communities rather than property developers and energy companies.

The three local candidates standing for Labour in the ERYC election are Neil Black, Steve Gallant and Brian Stockdale.

Also declared as a candidate is UKIP’s Terry West. The sitting councillors are two Conservatives Mike Bryan and John Dennis and Independent Ann Suggit.

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  1. Neil, Steve and Brian and three excellent candidates who will bring some well-needed accountability to ERYC. They offer a voice for local people and their concerns against the current Conservative-dominated agenda on a council that shows so little regard for the interests of the communities they claim to represent. I am proud to be part of such a strong Labour team. If you have any local issues and concerns you can contact us at campaign@margaretpinder.com and either I or one of of our candidates will contact you to help.

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