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Parking – still regular hot topic at Town Council

Over 320 traders in Hedon regularly travel into the town centre in a vehicle and take up a parking space all day! – Perennial problems of vehicle parking in Hedon! A regular source of discussion, debate and controversy at Hedon Town Council!

ISSUES associated with vehicle parking in Hedon continue to dominate discussions at the Town Council.

At the last Finance and General Purposes Committee of Hedon Town Council (25th September 2014) the results of a survey carried out by a council working group revealed that at least 320 traders in Hedon regularly travel into the town centre in a vehicle and take up a parking space all day on a daily basis. Councillors noted the irony of the situation where traders are taking up parking spaces that could be used by their customers!

Parking collageCouncillors are to consider schemes that might convince a change of behaviour from those needing a parking space all day, including looking at limiting waiting times in certain parking areas.

A suggestion that the East Riding Council could be asked to charge a minimal 30 minute or hourly fee at key car parks to deter all-day parking was resoundingly turned down as something that would be extremely unpopular.

A scheme is being looked at to extend the size of the out-of-town centre car park at the old railway station car park and encourage its use. Parking at the old railway station would involve a short walk into the town centre.

Two new cycle bays are going to be installed at Market Hill by the East Riding Council in efforts to promote cycling to work and will be an additional option for some.

bus-drawingAlso of interest to residents will be the decision taken by the council in July to “to ask the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to issue tender documents to provide a service using a smaller vehicle.” This refers to the proposal to run a small vehicle service around the town to carry residents to and from the town centre. The proposal was rejected by majority of 250 residents who took part in a survey in May 2014. The local transport working group was due to meet for the last time, but instead agreed that the extra information gleaned by the tender process – which involves no costs to the Town Council – would provide vital information on how the service might work and possibly prompt future action on this matter.

Parking is a perennial problem in the town and the council is not shy in discussing this hot topic and also the ‘hot-potatoes’ associated with this issue.

Old railway station car park
Old railway station car park

4 thoughts on “Parking – still regular hot topic at Town Council

  1. There should be restricted parking on Market Hill and illegal parking outside of Co-op and HSBC should be dealt with.

  2. If Hedon Hire did not park a van and a flat bed pick up on Market Hill, there would be 2 or 3 more car parking places for those visiting the doctors

    1. Hi Jim, to be fair to Hedon Hire I don’t think it’s just them using the spaces around the green. Many staff from both doctors and other businesses park alongside the church and the side streets at around 7.45 every morning (I know because I see them!). Not saying this is right or wrong, just commenting that all the central businesses take up parking spaces. Hedon Hire are an easy target because their vans are signwritten – distinguishing between shoppers/patients and local staff is impossible in other cases.

  3. I live on George Street in Hedon and residential parking is constantly an issue, particularly during the week if I happen to be off work as people who work in Hedon park on George Street to avoid the time limit restrictions in the centre of Hedon. If the council intend to restrict parking around the centre further, how about introducing resident parking permits for those who live in the centre of Hedon?

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