Last minute appeal to return Ballot forms in Boundary Referendum!

Hedon Mayor Councillor John Dennis: “I urge those residents who still haven’t put their crosses in the two ‘No’ boxes, please to do so – now – don’t miss your opportunity…”

John Dennis Hands Off

VOTING in the East Riding Boundaries Referendum will come to a close this coming Friday (26th September 2014) but there will be no let-up by Hands Off the East Riding Campaigners who will continue until the last-minute their endeavours to procure a massive ‘No’ vote by residents of the 12 communities potentially affected by Hull’s expansion plans.

John Dennis posting ballot‘HandsOff’ Chairman, Councillor John Dennis, Hedon Mayor, and ERYC Ward Member for S.W.Holderness (pictured posting his polling card) has, since late in June, led an enthusiastic group of campaigners from both sides of Hull, comprising Ward, Town and Parish Councillors with many other concerned residents volunteering to help. Many large roadside banners have appeared in prominent roadside locations, hundreds of posters are being displayed in homes, shops, offices, businesses and community buildings, and well over 40,000 flyers have been delivered to households across the region, particularly in Hedon, Preston and Bilton and in all the affected communities to the west of the city.

Cllr. Dennis says, “It’s certainly been a major enterprise and a great challenge, which has kept me and the campaign members more than occupied over the past 3 months, but I have to say it has been a pleasure to lead such a willing, hard-working bunch who have given many hundreds of hours to the project – and of course lots of shoe leather!

No No votes“We have held Street-Surgeries, canvassed residents in supermarkets and car-parks, visited community functions and generally grafted solidly to get our message out to voters. We don’t want apathy to raise its head! We are confident of a massive ‘No’ vote to the two questions being posed, (along the lines of ‘Do you want to live in an expanded Hull?’ and ‘Do you want the green belt around Hull to be swamped by development?) but we also need as many people as possible to respond to the referendum, even if they vote ‘Yes’!

“Yes – we are now approaching the end of the campaign, but I’m not about to allow our foot to be taken off the gas! You don’t win races by slowing down over the final few yards. We’ll keep pushing until we’re over the finish-line!

“I urge those residents who still haven’t put their crosses in the two ‘No’ boxes, please to do so – now – don’t miss your opportunity. We need to show those in Hull City Council who think we will be a ‘walk-over’ on this issue, just what they will be up against if they continue with this proposal. Remember, our message to Hull is, ‘For the East Riding – it’s a No-No’ !!”

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