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Cycling MP raises defibrillator awareness

Graham Cycling

GRAHAM STUART MP for Beverley and Holderness, is taking to the road on a bike ride around the constituency (including visits to Thorngumbald, Preston and Hedon) to promote installing Public Access Defibrillators across the area.

The MP will be cycling for two days, beginning in Beverley and heading to North Holderness and then to villages across Mid Holderness and finally in to South West Holderness before returning to Beverley.

His visit is also likely to prompt positive action with getting Hedon’s public access defibrillator installed!

defibrillator demonstrationIn a statement about the ride Graham Stuart who is a keen cyclist, said, “If somebody suffers a cardiac arrest it’s vital that a defibrillator machine is with them within four minutes to give them the best chance of survival. To achieve this there has to be a machine close by, with everybody knowing where it is and how to use it.

“I want to see a public access defibrillator in every village in Beverley and Holderness so I’m going on a ride to find out which villages already have one, where it is kept and, if there isn’t a defibrillator – where one could be located.

“The aim of the ride is to not only to find out where more machines are needed but also to let people know where they are in the event of a cardiac arrest.”

Graham Stuart’s Bike Ride Schedule will take him to our area on Day Two of his bike ride Wednesday 24th September 2014.

After leaving Elstronwick at 9.20am Mr Stuart will head towards Burton Pidsea then Burstwick and will expect to be at the Thorngumbald Village Hall for 10.30am.

He will then aim to make it to Hedon Town Hall for 11am where he will meet “Hands Off!” campaigners and then visit the Alexandra Hall Pop-In Coffee Morning before setting off again on his next stopping point in his journey at Preston Fire Station for 12.30pm.

Defibrillator in Paull similar to the one to be located in Hedon
Defibrillator in Paull similar to the one to be located in Hedon

The visit has caused a little bit of embarrassment in Hedon because of the length of time it has taken to install a defibrillator in the town.

Lifestyle Team the Helpful Hands, a group of school girls from Inmans Primary School, raised money in the summer of 2012 to provide a public access defibrillator machine in the town centre. The funds raised by the Lifestyle Team were topped up by the Water Yorkshire Community Fund and a £1,750 defibrillator was bought.

A whole period of lengthy negotiation then followed, in which Hedon Town Council leant a hand, to try to find a convenient location for the device and its high-visibility cabinet in the town centre. The device needs its own electricity supply and needs to be easily accessible and yet secure from any attempts at vandalism (although the cabinet is described as vandal proof).

To install the defibrillator required planning permission; the East Riding Council’s Conservation Officer had to be involved because it was likely to be fixed to one of the town’s Grade 2 listed buildings. Detailed planning drawings also had to be submitted.

Cllr Bryan – Good news to report on Hedon defibrillator?

Ward Councillor Mike Bryan has been trying to sort out the bureaucracy which seems to have clogged-up installing the Hedon defibrillator. He said yesterday: “I am reliably informed the drawings are going in on Thursday 18th September but filling-in planning forms and getting the costs for new drawings sorted during the August holiday period has proved difficult.”

However, Cllr Bryan hopes to have some good news to report by the time Graham Stuart arrives in the town. By Tuesday next week he says he will have spoken to planning and the conservation officers and received a progress report.

Fellow Ward Councillor John Dennis will be giving a warm welcome to the cycling MP – and not just for his defibrillator awareness crusade: “Graham is always welcome in Hedon. He is a good MP for this constituency, always keen to enter into local issues, and quick to respond when we need support.

As well as his de-fib campaign, he will also be adding his weight to the Boundaries controversy. He will be urging residents of Hedon, Preston and Bilton to respond to the referendum with a ‘No-No’ vote!”

The MP’s bike ride certainly looks to have been a catalyst for getting problems with the town’s defibrillator sorted. And with over an hour in the town meeting residents and visitors it looks likely that the cycling MP’s pit-stop will be more than just a refreshment break for him!

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