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Scarecrows! Invasion of Hedon 2014 – Review

Singing songs of Scarecrows! The Choir at Holderness Grange joined other celebrities in been Scarecrow-fied for the Hedon Scarecrow Walk…

The Queen Scarecrow Holderness GrangeLaurel and Hardy scarecrows

THE QUEEN, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry from ‘The Bake off’ and even Laurel and Hardy were spotted in town over the weekend as the 1st Hedon Scarecrow Walk took place.

With over 60 scarecrows scattered around the town and Preston South, it certainly took a hike to get round to visit each display, but for those determined scarecrow hunters who did the walk (or drive) then a real treat was in store!

Holderness Grange Lifestyle Village was home to a spectacle of 28 individual scarecrows. Residents there had spent over two months preparing and getting ready for the weekend event and that preparation showed in a truly amazing set of displays being created. Whilst Her Majesty the (Scarecrow) Queen looked on, scarecrows were singing in the choir, playing croquet on the green, or just sat watching the hundreds of human visitors that had come to see them.

Val Swales scarecrows Holderness Grange
Val Swales with spectator scarecrows at Holderness Grange

Val Swales resident from the Lifestyle Village was sat with two scarecrow spectators watching her husband John take on a scarecrow player at croquet. She said: “It’s taken us a long while to put it all together – but what a laugh we’ve had! And it’s great to see so many people coming to see the scarecrows.” The crafts group have been making the scarecrows at their regular meetings which have become workshops for scarecrow-making!

The Hedon Methodist Church Youth Group also organised a workshop to create their scarecrows and in one session created eight figures which were displayed at the church’s Scarecrow Cafe on Saturday.  A delighted Kevin Harrison from the church said: “It was an excellent day and the children raised over £230 from the Scarecrow Cafe and we could probably have been open all weekend such was the popularity. We have lots of ideas for doing this again should the council run it next year, and will send some of our thoughts over to them.”

"I'd like to thank everyone who came along and supported us in raising some invaluable funds for the youth club to help towards some of the activities and work we do." - Kevin Harrison
“I’d like to thank everyone who came along and supported us in raising some invaluable funds for the youth club to help towards some of the activities and work we do.” – Kevin Harrison (back, centre) Hedon Methodist Church

One of the hallmarks of the Scarecrow Walk has been the number of people involved in the scarecrow making, from children at nurseries through to older people in residential homes! The numbers of people involved far exceeds the numbers of scarecrows created. Add on the numbers of people, families and groups that have undertaken the walk, then it clearly seems to have been the case that hundreds have been involved!

Whilst all the Scarecrows were fun creations, one did try to get over a serious message too. The Hedon Rainbows supported a display on Inmans Road of their senior services; the Brownies, Guides and Rangers but couldn’t provide a scarecrow themselves. Where the Rainbow scarecrow should have been, there was an empty chair!

They said on the display: “Unfortunately we couldn’t make a Rainbow Scarecrow, as Hedon Rainbows has had to close due to their leader moving away to university.” They ask: “Can you help us? We had 22 girls in the unit and another 20 on the waiting list. We really would like to get a new leader, so these local girls can continue to join in the fun. If you would like to know more, please get in touch! We hope that the Rainbows Scarecrow Walk appeal is successful!

Camping scarecrows but no Rainbow Scarecrow :-(
Camping scarecrows but no Rainbow Scarecrow 🙁

The Scarecrow Walk seems to have been a great success and something that Councillor Sarah Rommell hopes can be built upon for next year. Speaking at the Holderness Grange Lifestyle Village Scarecrow Fête on Saturday, she said: “I hope that next year we can hold a full two-day festival involving lots of groups and lots of different activities!”

Cllr. Rommell indicated that when she’d first raised the idea of a Scarecrow Walk, people had rolled their eyes and thought ‘just another of Sarah’s wacky ideas!’. On behalf of those who have enjoyed the Scarecrow Walk and associated activities we ought to send Cllr. Rommell a message: ‘Keep those wacky ideas coming, Sarah!’

See photographs of each of the Hedon Scarecrows on our Flickr Hedon Scarecrows page – but if you have good pictures you wish to share of the Scarecrow Walk then please e-mail to hedonblog@gmx.com or share them with us on Facebook.

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  1. Our children from our nursery and out of school club are continuing to work hard on their scarecrows and we hope that you can see the story unfold throughout the week at The Children’s Hut. As all the characters from the book arrive we hope that you enjoy the story as much as we all do.
    On Saturday at 10.30am we will read the story in full and one of the characters will come to life. Children are then welcome to come inside and take part in some craft activities and have a go at making their own little scarecrow. Refreshments will also be available.

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