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Warriors support for Hedon Museum

The Way of the Warrior… is to support the Museum!”

Four of the five Warriors in action!
Four of the five Warriors in action!

A LIFESTYLE team in Hedon has been working hard to support Hedon Museum whilst also raising funds for Eastside Community Sports and Inmans Primary School.

Ellie Curtiss, the Parent Adviser of the 5-strong Warriors United Lifestyle Team tells us what has been happening:

“The Warriors United Lifestyle Team have been working hard since July 1st to advertise and promote The Hedon Museum.

Cakes to entice!
Cakes to entice!

Kieran Cochrane, Luke Curtiss, Ben Lines, Kian Smith and Thomas Whitehead, all 10-year-old boys from Inmans Primary School, created flyers and posters advertising their Hedon Museum Day inviting people to come and view a bit of their own town’s history and learn something about their local area. Local businesses in Hedon were also asked to display posters.

“People were enticed with free drinks and cakes to come and give the Museum a few minutes of their day on Saturday 19th July 2014. In the run up to this important day, the team held a ‘Mini Penny Fair’ at the Eastside Gala on 5th July raising funds for the Eastside Community Trust whilst handing out flyers promoting the Museum Day.

Luke Curtiss, Ben Lines, Tom Whitehead, Kieran Cochrane, Kian Smith and Steve Crane
Luke Curtiss, Ben Lines, Tom Whitehead, Kieran Cochrane, Kian Smith and Steve Crane from Eastside Community Sports

“A Tombola and Teddy raffle was held at Inmans Primary School, raising funds towards the proposed new school garden, all the while more advertising was done for the Museum Day.

Ben Lines, Kian Smith, Kieran Cochrane, Tom Whitehead, Luke Curtiss and Sally Morgan
Ben Lines, Kian Smith, Kieran Cochrane, Tom Whitehead, and Luke Curtiss present a cheque to Inmans headteacher Sally Morgan

“Although the Museum Day itself was not as busy as we would have liked, it was considered a success by all concerned. The exchange of funds raised by the Warriors United team and presentation of Certificates from the Hedon Museum management took place on the 9th August. The Lifestyle team are hopeful, as are the Museum, that even if people didn’t come on the day they will still be encouraged to pop in at some other time.

“As Parent Advisor for the team I would like to say how proud I am of all the boys who worked very hard during these events. Thank you also to all the parents of the team for their support and contributions.

“I would like to extend thanks also to:

Steve Crane (Eastside Community Trust)
Sally Morgan (Inmans Primary School)
Julie Marshall (Hedon Museum).”

Julie Marshall, who is the Honorary Exhibition Manager at Hedon Museum sang the praises of the group:

“It was such a generous idea that the Warriors United team put into practice on our behalf. Not only did they work hard on their day at the museum, but publicised us at all their other fund-raising events! We are very grateful and thank them very much for their fund-raising and efforts on our behalf.”

Ben Lines, Luke Curtiss, Tom Whitehead, Allen Marshall, Gordon Rutherford
Ben, Luke and Tom present a cheque to Gordon Rutherford Chairman of the Hedon Museum Society (Allen Marshall in the background)

The Humberside Police Lifestyle Project continues to provide a great service and helps make a difference to local communities, charities and the young people themselves. One of its features is the building up of positive relations between the police, other agencies and the young people themselves. The Warriors United Lifestyle Team members have certainly created a useful collaboration with the local Museum, sports enthusiasts and their own school.

As this year’s Lifestyle efforts draw to a close, and finishing touches are made to each team’s log book, attention will now begin to focus on the prestigious Lifestyle Awards which take place usually during November. this is when the Chief Constable presents certificates and awards to the winning teams. The top prize is a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ to Florida!

Find out more about Lifestyle at the Humberside Police website.

Visit: www.humberside.police.uk/lifestyle

With many thanks to Ellie Curtiss for report and photos.

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