New Zebra – Safer Crossing on Hull Road

A NEW Zebra Crossing linking Princes Avenue and the big Co-op is to be installed on Hull Road…

Zebra crossing Hull Road Preston SouthA NEW Zebra Crossing linking Princes Avenue and the big Co-op is to be installed on Hull Road.

The crossing will be located in Preston South and is designed to help pedestrians reach the shop and cross the road in greater safety. The Preston Parish Council had been consulted and, having to consider the priorities of the whole parish, did raise the question whether this particular scheme was ‘the’ main priority in the parish and whether other parts of the area particularly in the village ought to have been considered first.

However, it does seem that the original request for a crossing came from Hedon Town Council, and not at the proposed location, but within the town boundary on New Road linking Farrand Road with the Westlands estate.

Whilst any improved safety measures have been welcomed by all concerned, it is opportune to re-produce the Traffic Regulations advice on the website of the responsible East Riding of Yorkshire Council regarding requesting a new pedestrian crossing.

Zebra crossing near Baxtergate-001

How do I request a new pedestrian crossing?

Anyone requesting such a facility is asked to write to the Traffic and Parking Section giving as much information as possible relating to the request including:

  • location (road and nearby junction/house number)
  • description of problems/difficulties of crossing
  • description of the types and numbers of people affected (e.g. children, elderly, disabled, etc.)
  • times of problem (days, hours, etc.)

Please send your request to:

Traffic and Parking
East Riding Of Yorkshire Council
Annie Reed Road
HU17 0LF

Alternatively, you can email it to highways.customer.care@eastriding.gov.uk

Considering your request

The council will consider requests for pedestrian crossings and carry out an assessment of the location which is based on the road traffic injury accident record, location, traffic flow, difficulty in crossing the road, the environment and other factors. If the assessment indicates that pedestrian crossing measures would be beneficial, the request is considered for funding within available budgets.

Visit: East Riding Council – Traffic Regulations advice

4 thoughts on “New Zebra – Safer Crossing on Hull Road

  1. Typical sighting a zebra crossing to be used by the minority. Hedon Town Council had it right wanting it placed somewhere near Westlands, where there’s always lots of people waiting to cross .Let’s also hope motorists are keener to stop at the new one. At the crossing at the top of Sheriff Highway you take your life in your own hands trying to cross that.

  2. A crossing for children leaving on the Broadacres estate near to the Co-Op is much needed, and as Jim has said this proposal really is in the wrong location as children heading to the schools in Hedon or South Holderness won’t use it. The 30mph speed limit on Hull Road is not enforced and its very dangerous for children heading to school at rush hour times.
    I’m disappointed by the comments from Preston Council, as living on Broadacres estate we were asked by Preston council some time ago where we would like to see the money that the council had been given from the housing development on Farrand Road that encroaches into Preston South.
    Despite emailing my suggestion that as the people from Preston South were the ones being inconvenienced by the noise and extra traffic from the development the money should be spent in Preston South; and that a crossing for children was a priority. Unfortunately I never received an answer. The money appears to have been spent on the village hall in Preston village itself and residents from Preston South haven’t seen anything.
    Surely some common sense can prevail and the crossing be moved to where the traffic islands are near the junction with Shields Road.

  3. I agree, the crossing was intended to serve the people of westlands and Drapers Lane. The crossing was to be placed near the telephone box,giving direct access from the bus stop and ivy lane to Drapers lane and the westlands estate with the elderly, disabled and children in mind. We have disabled people having to getting off the bus at the stop after the traffic lights only to try and make their way back up to the other side of the westlands or drapers lane estate. It was brought to our attention at a Council meeting that this was causing difficulty.

  4. When I was on the council we discussed this, the site should be where Hedon Town Council requested, at the boundary near the Telephone box to serve Westlands and the Preston South Housing estate. With the crossing up near Princess Ave children attending Hedon Schools will not use it, they all near the shop selling car parts.

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