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The 4 Stars start Lifestyle Campaign

HUMBERSIDE LIFESTYLE got off to a cracking start for ‘The 4 Stars’ team of Jacob Burney, Daniel Pilgrim, Harry Wharton and Ana Pilgrim on Wednesday.

Jacob Burney, Daniel Pilgrim, Harry Wharton, Ana Pilgrim
The 4 Stars – Jacob Burney, Daniel Pilgrim, Harry Wharton and Ana Pilgrim

HUMBERSIDE LIFESTYLE got off to a cracking start for ‘The 4 Stars’ team of Harry Wharton, Jacob Burney and brother and sister Daniel and Ana Pilgrim on Wednesday.

The fundraising foursome all from South Holderness Technology College had set up their tombola pitch at Hedon Post Office and one of the first on the scene was Hedon resident and retired Hull police officer John Ogston who was delighted to support the young 4 Stars – and even won three prizes!

The 4 stars have three good causes which they are aiming to raise money for as part of their Humberside Police Lifestyle Project:

  • Support the ‘Give Becky a Break’ appeal which has been launched to help Becky Liddle from Keyingham; Becky has suffered a severe stroke which has hospitalised the normally plucky Brownie who is only 9-years-old;
  • Help a young family from Hull including triplets, who are involved in a major battle with cancer; more information to be released by the team;
  • Huntington’s Disease; including raising awareness of this little-known about neurological disorder.

The stall is just the start of The 4 Stars public events who are already organising other events, including a Bake Sale, a Garden Party and a Sponsored Sweep.

It’s going to be a busy summer for this Hedon team who really are a set of four stars deserving of our support! The team is supported by enthusiastic adult adviser Emma Wharton, Harry’s mum.

John Ogsten
John Ogsten, a retired Hull policeman, was delighted to support the Humberside Police Lifestyle team

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6 thoughts on “The 4 Stars start Lifestyle Campaign

  1. Wow guys you are working hard!!!! Looking forward to you working as hard at The Chatty Couch on Saturday 16th August. You’ll need your rubber gloves for all the washing up I have planned for you! x

  2. Ready for east park run this week. Saturday morning 9 o’clock On your marks Get set, Go, running 5K in fancy dress lets hope it’s not too hot!!!

  3. As Emma says below, the 4 Stars were sweeping on Saturday!

    “They took on their biggest challenge yet doing a sponsored sweep around Hedon helping out in Scott’s the barbers, Kreative hair and beauty, Eden and Angels Beauty lounge and spa. They spent the day sweeping hair, entertaining customers and doing odd jobs for the staff. All the team were complimented for their manners, attitude, team work and commitment, the 4 stars have been collecting sponsors for this and between them have filled 7 forms!”

    This is Daniel working in Scott’s Barbershop – each of the 4 Stars took it in turns sweeping up at each venue.
    Daniel Pilgrim 4 Stars

  4. The 4 stars have been out and about again on Saturday witha sponsored sweep at Scott’s barbershop, Eden, Kreative and Angels spa in hedon, I’ve sent done picis, hope this ok xx

  5. Ana, Harry, Daniel and Jacob at Wednesday 'Pop in' with their home-made cakes for sale
    The 4 Stars of Ana, Harry, Daniel and Jacob were ‘Cake Sale-ing’ at the Alexandra Hall ‘Pop in’ on Wed 30th July – and had nearly sold out of everything! They had made all the cakes themselves!

  6. This is great, the children had a fab day and raised lots of money with the support of the local community thank you so much. Emma Wharton adult supervisor x

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