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Wednesday Writings – Ode to Aidan

Don’t let the Hull City scarf fool you! He’s a Hedon dog through and through! Our Wednesday Writings poem!

Ode to Aidan (or a bit of doggerel) By David Thompson

My dog knows Hedon inside out,
Twice a day he gets about,
Otherwise he sleeps all day,
His days are gone for making hay.

He chased the hare around the track,
And a good tip for to back,
A “bonkin billie” in his time,
Neutered now, long past his prime,

Retired from the lights and noise,
But still he strikes a certain poise,
High stepping boy, and somewhat vain,
He`ll have his walk come sun or rain.

He walks with quite a swaying gait,
And looks a tad sedate of late,
But then he`ll lift a leg and pee,
Against a lamp-post or a tree.

Try as I might, I can`t resist,
But then again he does insist,
Uncanny how he seems to know,
To the Queens Head, we must go!

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