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Hedon Co-op venue for Preston Parish Council meeting

RESIDENTS living to the West of the Westlands drain towards Hull, may have an affinity with Hedon, but are actually residents of Preston parish (South). This Preston Parish Council meeting may be of interest to them:

Preston (South) sight of Saltend
Industry on Parish doorstep

The Big Co-op Store on Hull Road, Hedon (i.e. which is located in Preston South!) is the venue for the Preston Parish Council meeting on Monday 14th July 2014.

The meeting starts at 7:30pm and the Agenda includes several items of interest including:

  • A discussion on the re-submitted Planning Application to hold a regular Farmers Market on Neat Marsh Road;
  • An update on the developments associated with constructing the Siemens factory in the Enterprise Zone area;
  • The latest news from the “Hands-Off” campaign being started in opposition to any planned expansion of Hull’s boundaries into Preston and other parts of the East Riding.

The meeting will start with an opportunity for members of the public to ask any questions of the Parish Council.

For further information about the meeting or the parish council contact:

The Parish Office, Preston Community Hall
Main Street, Preston
East Riding of Yorkshire, HU12 8SA
TEL: 01482 899411
e-mail: prestonparish@parishclerk.karoo.co.uk

Note: There is a vacancy for a new councillor on Preston Parish Council which although a Preston (North Ward) seat, will also be of interest to residents in Preston South who can stand for the vacant position.

A copy of the full Agenda for the Preston South meeting is included in the original article on HU12 Online.

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