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Public thumbs down for local transport proposal

Local transport for Hedon surveyTHE FINDINGS from the results of the recent survey researching views on a local transport service in Hedon were revealed at Hedon Town Council’s Finance & General Purposes (F&GP) meeting last night.

The survey sought views on a proposal to run a small bus service around Hedon taking people into and out of the town centre. The service would aim to encourage local motorists to leave their cars at home and use the bus instead, in an effort to reduce parking problems in the town centre.

Two questions were asked in the survey, reproduced here with the results of the poll:

Q1. Do you think it is worth paying a small, additional amount on your council tax bill to help alleviate Hedon’s traffic/parking problems and to provide a local transport service?

  Yes: 113

  No: 152

Q2. Would you use such a service?

  Yes: 100

  No: 172

Councillor David Thompson reported that there had been 250 questionnaires returned which represented, by a quick estimation, opinion of about 8% of the households in Hedon.

As a supporter of the local transport proposal Cllr Thompson said: “The results are disappointing although perhaps predictable. People seem reluctant to get out of their cars. A lot of people were concerned about paying for a service they wouldn’t use. Personally I thought the proposal was constructive albeit radical.”  

Councillor Di Storr praised those who had left comments both for and against the proposal saying that “Every single one of them has been read carefully.” 

Councillor Neil Black who originally put forward the the local transport idea said despairingly: “On an 8% turnout we’re turning down a good idea – 92% didn’t vote! We can tinker with lines on the map and gain an additional parking space here and there, but this would have gone much further!

The Local Transport working group set up to investigate the proposal will meet one more time to formally analyse the responses and comments received and would report back at a future meeting.

Chair of the F&GP Councillor Gordon Thurston moved a vote of thanks to the working group for its deliberations and especially gave thanks to all those residents that had responded.

2 thoughts on “Public thumbs down for local transport proposal

  1. Fully agree with Steve about the social responsibility aspect. As I wrote before, I wouldn’t need to use the service but would have no problem paying for it. I’ve got no kids but still have to pay for their schooling; what’s the difference?
    And an 8% turnout is appalling. I’ll say it again – people moan about stuff but won’t do anything proactive to change things. You can’t call Hedon a community when 92% of the population couldn’t care less about its issues (though I’d bet my dog on the fact that they’d be the first to whinge if their council tax went up).
    Unlike Steve, I have some sympathy for the Council. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. But yes, perhaps they should trial this scheme if only out of respect for the inhabitants who could be bothered to return their questionnaires.

  2. It’s a shame the distribution and response level was so poor. So poor in fact that the findings are pretty much irrelevant ! Is this Council so spineless they wont even support a proposal to trial this when just 5% of the households voted No ? Meanwhile the traffic and parking problem will get worse..

    As for “paying for a service they wouldnt use” – thats called social provision. Eg. We all pay for schools, wether your a parent or not. Because it is socially useful to us all. It is the same with this idea. We all pay a little for a communal benefit.

    If the council cant take a lead as our representatives, what are they there for ? Roll on next years Elections

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