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Hedon key statistics

A set of stats about Hedon from the Office of National Statistics that just might interest readers and even surprise!?

ACCORDING to the 2011 Census Hedon has:

  • 7,100 usual residents of which 3,391 are male and 3,709 female;
  • 1,354 residents are aged 17 or younger;
  • 2,060 residents are aged 60 or over.

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Car/van ownership:

  • There are 3,876 cars or vans in Hedon;
  • 554 households do not have a car or van;
  • 1,439 have 1 car or van;
  • 835 have 2 cars or vans;
  • 228 have 3 or more cars or vans.

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Household tenure:

  • 3,056 households in Hedon;
  • 1,176 own their property outright;
  • 1,163 own with a mortgage or loan;
  • 444 privately rent;
  • 147 council tenants;
  • 81 other social rented (housing associations);
  • 36 live rent free;
  • 9 shared ownership.

There are lots of interesting facts and statistics about Hedon from the Office for National Statistics. The above were compiled from the Hedon area datasets.

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  1. Very interesting to see this level of detail. Can you get info on employment/retirement , income and house prices for example ? And what would be really interesting would be to compare with say Hull or Beverley or UK average .

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