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‘Under the bonnet’ – learn about news blogging!

We have set up a ‘test’ website, UNDER THE BONNET, which we will be using to demonstrate to people what ‘blogging’ about a place actually involves…

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THE HEDON BLOG has long had the ambition to be part of a larger LOCAL NEWS HUB project encompassing the town. We now want to take a small step forward with that project.

We have set up a ‘test’ website which we will be using to demonstrate to people what ‘blogging’ about a place actually involves. We hope to reveal to people what happens ‘behind the scenes’ when we publish something to the Hedon Blog – how we compose the articles, how we upload photographs and other material, and how we carry out the technical aspects of publishing local news.

We also want to give people an insight into what is involved in news gathering for Hedon Blog and HU12 Online and explore the whole idea of hyperlocal news.

We have set up a special website, Under the Bonnet, which is currently empty of content, but through a series of exercises and workshops we hope to take interested people through the process of filling that site with sample and real content; useful articles, pages, etc.

Whilst everyone will be able to see the material that is published on Under the Bonnet, only participants will see how this is produced. We particularly want to enlist a group of volunteers who are interested in ‘having a go’ at news blogging (citizen or community journalism) – perhaps with a view to becoming one of our correspondents? But your interest might only be in setting up your own website or blog – that’s fine too.

No experience is needed – although if you can work with a computer proficiently it will obviously help. You will also need to be willing to set up a free account with wordpress.com – which also gives you the opportunity to set up your own websites too!

Participants will learn how to publish their own articles and will set up their own pages to showcase their work (if they want too).

If you are interested, then please e-mail the Editor, Ray Duffill, at hu12@gmx.com with your e-mail address and expression of interest (tell us which aspects interest you) – please note that this opportunity is open to local residents and regular readers of the Hedon Blog only.

Once accepted, we will then send you an invite to join wordpress.com and to become an author on Under the Bonnet.

We aim to start once we have gathered the first group of interested people – progress and learning will be at your own pace and in your own time.

Under the Bonnet is found at http://newshubhu12.wordpress.com/


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