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Hairdressers – Most popular type of business in Hedon

Just a look at the number of hairdressing businesses in Hedon……

HAIRDRESSING seems to be recession proof! Whilst many other businesses seem to struggle during economic tough times, Hairdressers fortunately just seem to survive. Whilst certainly not an expert on Hairdressing, it does seem that everyone who partakes in having their hair cut, styled, coloured, etc, etc, certainly maintains a loyalty to their chosen salon. Everyone seems to have their favourite, and undoubtedly each salon will adapt its specialisations and approach based on its customers. So Hairdressing is definitely a successful business sector in Hedon and we have seven salons:

We also have two three (updated June 2014) barber shops:

Photos: Hedon Blog. Featured image of hairdresser – http://pixabay.com/

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  1. great business , its all cash…theres no real product your really paying for a service …hence highly profitable and able to afford the ridiculous rents and rates.

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