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Council observations – Jim Lindop

JIM LINDOP has sent us his observations of the Town Council Meeting of 27th March 2014 which will be of interest to residents…..

JIM LINDOP has sent us his observations of the Town Council Meeting of 27th March 2014.

As a Councillor – and before the Hedon Blog started reporting meetings directly – then Jim Lindop used to regularly send us a review of council meetings for residents’ information (the first time ever that council meetings had been reported consistently online).

Whilst understanding he currently has ‘unresolved issues’ with – and is a critic of – the council, we include Jim’s personal notes below that refer to those issues not yet covered on the Hedon Blog, which we think will be of interest to residents:

11 Councillors present. Cllr Bryan apologies for absence. 9 members of the public present.

“POLICE: The local police reported that there had been one anti-social event for which the children apologised to the elderly lady and the police wrote to their parents. 5 shop thefts, 6 sheds and garages broken into with many insecure, the police then carried out proactive surveillance. Also the theft of Koi carp possibly due the size of the fish probably stolen and not taken by birds or cats.

Jim Lindop
Jim Lindop – ‘on council watch’

“PARKING: Cllr Dennis expressed disappointment that when all councillors were invited to a meeting with East Riding Council road engineers, only 4 attended. They discussed changing the 2 loading bays outside of Cooplands into disabled parking, painting parking bays in the market place and on market hill and painting the vertical no parking marks (no parking at any time by any one) on the kerb outside of Nutmegs and the Post Office and changing the yellow lines between the Church and Hedon Hire. Also the possibility of a 2 hour parking restriction on Market Hill.

“FLY-TIPPING: Cllrs Thompson and Storr mentioned the appearance of old chairs on the drain bank next to Haven arms, the council agreed to write to the environment agency and copy the letter to the landlord.

“LEAF SAIL BRIDGE: Cllr Rommel wanted to petition the parents attending Inman’s school about the provision of a bridge from Leaf Sail Farm, she appeared annoyed when there was opposition. The bridge should have been built and was a requirement of the planning application by the builders, but never enforced by the planning authority. However the last time this was discussed was approx 2 years ago, but nothing could be done. It was decided to write to 4 householders to ask if they would sell land to gain access to the drain, then a bridge would have to be designed, erected and paid for, with paths and safety fences?

“DANGEROUS PATH: The council sent a letter just before Christmas requiring residents of St Augustines Mews to carry out repairs to the dangerous path at the rear of their property; unfortunately this was not the correct address as the Mews are a private gated property. The council had to apologise as the path is to the rear of St Augustines Court, a letter from a resident said they had checked their deeds and the path was not their property, however if it had been their property, why has the Town Hall and council, Hedon Museum and Alexandra Hall all think it can be used as a rear exit without permission. Following some discussion the council decided not to take any action. Cllr Black did suggest the council carry out the work but the town clerk said if they did this, then it could be taken as taking ownership. So the council have identified a dangerous path and are taking no action??”

Jim Lindop

NOTE: We do actively encourage residents to attend the meetings. As pro-actively demonstrated above, the Blog does not always report on everything that happens at a meeting, so different reports from the meetings are always welcome.

We also draw readers’ attention to the Hedon Town Council website where official minutes of the council meetings are available to download.

5 thoughts on “Council observations – Jim Lindop

  1. Who is responsible for the drains, ditches and small dykes around Hedon.?
    The small ditch up near Kingtown Htel and the one that runs across Hull Road is full of rubbish,scooters, tyres, mud and other obstuctions.
    I have seen council persons and other agency workers sat in the vans for hours on end doing nothing?..

  2. We on the other side do not want a bridge from leaf sail farm, it will lead to more thefts from our gardens, that foot path needs to be closed, just to say it was my koi carp that was taken £2,500 was the value

  3. I remember being told there would be a bridge when I bought my house on LeafSail. As I now have children I’m pleased that this bridge is being brought up for discussion again, I had long given up hope that it was just another builders empty promise.
    Well done again to Cllr Rommel for resurrecting this.

  4. Well done Cllr Rommel for her views on Leaf Sail Farm bridge, many residents on the estate would like to see this bridge built, it surely must encourage kids to walk to school and to reduce traffic congestion.
    Both Beal Homes and the planning committee should be held to account as to why this bridge was promised but not built.

    Also such a shame that a handful of councillors turned to the meeting with ERYC engineers, the parking issues should be one of the top priorities for all of the town’s councillors. The illegal parking outside of HSBC needs sorting out before there any more collisions.

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