Hedon Expansion - Mayor's Plan
Hedon Expansion – Mayor’s Plan

THE NEWS broke today of the amazing discovery of an ancient legal Charter from the 12th century that grants the historic rights of ancient ‘Hedun’ over the terms of expansion of the place known as Wyke (now known as Kingston Upon Hull). The document was found recently in an airtight earthenware vase buried under land currently being excavated behind the old Audio Room premises on St Augustine’s Gate.

Charter_thumb.jpgHedun – an old name for Hedon – was the 11th biggest port in England at the time this newly discovered Charter was written. The document signed in 1196 by Hedun’s leaders, grants ‘permissions’ allowing Hull to develop as a deep water port in competition with it, but only as long as ‘any expropriated land eastwards’ would remain within the ownership of the Holderness principality as legally represented by Hedun.

If the terms of the Charter are proved legally correct, then any land between Hull’s border stipulated in 1196 and its current borders (2014) will in effect be returned to ancient Hedun i.e. as currently constituted as Hedon Town Council.

Hedon Town Council will become the responsible local authority for most of eastern Hull

This will lead to the remarkable situation where Hedon Town Council will become the responsible administrative body for most of East Hull.

Eating Hull Pie
“Ecstatic!” – Eating Hull Pie

Hedon’s first citizen, Mayor John Dennis, is ecstatic at the news expressing relief that the town’s fears over been absorbed by Hull are now over. In fact it could be Hedon that now exports its plans and ambitions for its new western principality.

Mr Dennis said: “Hull would have nothing to fear from Hedon’s expansion. We balance our books, we like libraries, museums and green fields and we keep our rates bills down.”

Hull City Councillors have re-acted with incredulity at the prospect of control by little Hedon Council. The legal wrangle over the validity of the Charter could last for years. But this hasn’t stopped the war of words. One City Councillor reacted furiously “Genghis Dennis will have a fight on his hands if he wants to exercise Hedon control over Hull!” said Cllr Ingles “the ‘Hands off Hull’ campaign starts today!”

Meanwhile a new Preston group has been formed, following news of the Charter leaking out last week from a digger-driver involved in the excavation of the vase. The new group has got in on the argument, with a member Bill Wallis saying: “Preston South should declare UDI if the Charter is proven to be correct. Anyone travelling through Preston South should be made to pay a toll! This is our chance to grow!” Bill is the first ever Secretary of the new Popular Front for the Freedom of Preston South.

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