This bin near enough
Draper’s Lane – This bin near enough to get emptied

A LITTER BIN on a children’s play park would seem to be a good idea. But when that bin would be on the park on Far Bank on Draper’s Lane, then the problem with that idea is included in the park’s name – it seems that the park is TOO ‘FAR’ on the bank to have a bin!

The issue has arisen at Hedon Town Council where councillors would like to see waste litter bins (which also serve as dog bins) at the play park and on the new Skate Park – Hedon would pay for the bins, but they would be emptied and cleaned by the East Riding Council. However, health and safety regulations have stipulated that the new bins would be too far away to be safely serviced by council workers.

“I bin too far away!”

East Riding Council staff do not maintain bins that involves travel over grassed or muddy areas because there is a risk of falls or injury – especially when wet. There is already a bin on Far Bank, but apparently that is near enough to be serviced – but bins at the Park and Skate Park would be a bin too far!

So if you have rubbish take it to the Far Bank bin – or the one over the footbridge towards Haven Arms.

"I bin near enough!"
“I bin near enough!”

Hedon Town Council is investigating the matter with the East Riding Council.

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