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Find that stolen bike!

POLICEMAN PC Bob Pyle has sent the following useful information to help people recover stolen bikes…..

PC Bob Pyle-001LOCAL POLICEMAN PC Bob Pyle has sent the following useful information:

“Recently the Police have dealt with a non-dwelling burglary where four high value mountain bikes were stolen. Fortunately the victim was aware of an internet search engine which helps you to find your stolen bike if it’s ever re-sold over the internet. The victim put the details of his stolen bikes into the site and within a month he received an email stating one was for sale in Hull. Police were informed, the bike was recovered and positively identified. This matter is still being investigated.

“The web search engine/website is www.findthatbike.co.uk once the details of the cycles are entered, the site will complete a daily search all sites like eBay, Gumtree, PreLoved, etc… if your bike or similar is being sold on one of these sites then an email will be sent to you telling you where it is being sold and on what site. If a positive identification is made, the victim can inform the police who will then continue investigations.”

‘Find That Bike’ was set up by the website designer after he had his own bike stolen in a burglary. The designer also recommends the use of another site stolen-bikes.co.uk to report a stolen bike.

Police UK SNENAnd do use Facebook and Hedon Blog to spread the word quickly about any stolen property. Following a dog-napping last month the quick circulation of information and a photo of the dog, was spotted by the people who had unwittingly bought the animal. They contacted the owner leading to the dog’s return.

Of course the first action to take following a theft is to contact the Police on 101 – and do use that number to report anything suspicious that might indicate people are up to no good. And call 101 at the time of the suspicious activity – as it is happening – don’t leave it until later.

The message from the PC Bob Pyle and PC Will Stephenson on Thursday at the Hedon Town Council meeting, is that they would rather get a dozen calls on 101 and they all turn out to be nothing, rather than miss one call where they could have acted to prevent a crime!

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