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Greater Hull – Coming to a place near you…?

A public inquiry will be held this summer to decide whether the Hedon Aerodrome site can be developed for the building of a biomass power station, which will provide heat for fish farming and horticultural enterprises….

Lateral-Power-website-snip.jpgTHE ECO PARK plan for the old Hedon Aerodrome site has become media material again!

The Yorkshire Post reported yesterday that a public inquiry will be held this summer to decide whether the site can be developed for the building of a biomass power station, which will provide heat for fish farming and horticultural enterprises. A ‘data centre’ is also proposed for the site.

Whatever the merits of the scheme – and early concept plans seen by Jim Lindop seem to suggest that they are grand in scale – it would close the gap between Preston South/Hedon and Hull.

The motivating factor of Hull City Council to expand Hull and build in the East Riding is the desire to create more space for economic and housing development, but that has not gone down well with local Councillor John Dennis who represents Hedon and Preston on the East Riding Council and is also the Mayor of Hedon.

Cllr John Dennis smallCouncillor Dennis expressed his opposition to Hull City Council in the Yorkshire Post likening them to acting like a modern-day Genghis Khan! He also made his position very clear to the Hedon Blog:

“The Hull City Council has owned the Hedon Airfield since around 1930, and has on many occasions tried over those years to get planning on it. If they were successful they would at long last be able to cash in their investment, and believe me it would be many millions of pounds. They don’t care what impact that might have on local communities, just so long as they get their hands on the money.”

The Yorkshire Post article reports that Hull Council is mindful of the benefits to Hedon through the creation of new jobs. Hull City Councillor Phil Webster is quoted as saying: “We are looking at a minimum of 750 jobs which is going to help people in Hedon.”

But Councillor Dennis disagrees: “Bearing in mind the type of activity to be carried out on that land – horticulture and fish farming, just how many local people will take those jobs? We all know that the majority of horticultural jobs out in Holderness are carried out by immigrant workers, not local people.”

Lateral Power is behind the Eco Park proposal and they have set up another company Lateral Eco Parks Hull Ltd to take the project forward having been awarded sole-negotiating rights on the land owned by Hull City Council. The new company was set up in March 2013 with the negotiating rights awarded in July.

Councillor Dennis says: “It greatly concerns me that this Lateral Power organisation has still not had the decency to come to Holderness and explain their proposals to the people most effected. That should have happened a year ago when the scheme was first mooted.

“To me, and other Hedon Town Councillors to whom I have spoken, and Ward members at County Hall, this is just another example of Hull’s voracious expansionist plan to swallow up its neighbours. The talk recently about them expanding their boundary to encompass Hedon and the local villages, plus Willerby, Anlaby, Cottingham and even Beverley just shows how much they need watching!”

Hull City Council has promised an immediate public consultation on plans once an option is worked up. The Hedon Blog will make space available to Lateral Eco Parks Hull Ltd on this website to ensure that their option gets the widest online exposure possible in the local area – and of course to promote a healthy debate!

On its website, Lateral Power says that each of its project sites must be assessed independently on a whole range of issues. Interestingly, they list ‘Political will’ as one of those! It looks like a battle of political wills is ensuing over this issue!

8 thoughts on “Greater Hull – Coming to a place near you…?

  1. I’d like to point out that the old aerodrome is actually in Preston Church Parish – as you can see from this webpage:


    We know from the recent outcry from almost 900 homes in Norfolk that the parishioners are liable for the church’s Chancel Repair Liability. This is a legally-binding but little-known obligation to the local church which dates back to the Medieval period.

    I’m wondering if the aerodrome field has been registered and if so would the Preston Church Parish Council require a hefty repair tithe from the owners – as set out on this page:-


  2. I see Hull City Council is trying to officially move their boundaries to acquire fields in Cottingham and Hedon. The reason being is that they need cash for their coffers which extra council tax would bring in.

    << Labour’s deputy leader, Councillor Daren Hale, said the issue was back on the agenda because unprecedented funding cuts were putting a serious question mark over the long-term viability of local authorities.>>

    <<Cllr Hale said tidying up the boundary line where it crosses through individual streets was just a small part of a much bigger issue.
    “We need an intelligent debate about what is in the economic interest of the city,” he said. It cannot be right that York’s boundary is nine miles from the city centre yet Hull’s is less than three miles in some places.
    “Most people, regardless of their politics, will accept that argument.
    “Let’s make a compelling argument setting out the benefits people will see from having extended city boundaries.”>>

    In my opinion, any overture by Hull to the higher powers could receive a favourable answer if the East Riding Council allows Hull City to append its name to any industrial, commercial, or domestic development, which is inside the East Riding’s jurisdiction.

    Rena McCarthy, nee Crum

  3. Sorry Ray but I’m disappointed by the use of first names and initials by posters which has crept in again, Is it Rachel from Countdown and AJ Cronin who are interested in happenings in Hedon?,Surely it’s easy to put a full name to an article. Regards Jim Uney, Hedon.

    1. Thank you Jim for your comment. I did not deliberately leave a first name only, it was an automatic signature. My maiden name was Chambers. You may recall this was also the name of the said joinery company which was mentioned in Mr Shillito’s message yesterday. It’s a shame that more emphasis is being put on my name than the actual post. I think comments on here need to be relevant to article of the land for the Eco Park rather randomly pointing at legal and correctly applied for permission which was granted over 10 years ago! I strongly believe that as a community we should be working together for the benefit of Hedon people and the protection of open green land which is rapidly disappearing. Let’s stop finger pointing on what has already been agreed through our Council and work together to keep the boundaries green between ourselves and Hull. As stated in the article, there is no guarantee that the jobs created by such a development would be for Hedon people. However, it would be the Hedon people who would lose the open views, the rural community to the west and once built, would never return to what we have now. Homes on the Preston South side which currently look towards farm land and Preston will be looking straight onto industrial buildings. Will such a development raise or lower the value of their homes? There is also the question of the effects if this land floods. I seem to remember that during the floods of 2007 this area flooded and depending on the developments built, what would be carried in the flood water and into our homes or drainage systems? There will be a lot of people saying that it’s a ‘not in our back yard’ opinion but most people (whether born and raised here / moved into the area) choose to be here because they like where they live. If we wanted to live in part of a city or industrial area, we would have moved there.

      1. So Sorry Rachel that I have upset you with my comments regarding first names and the use of initials in articles to the Hedon Blog, it wasn’t intended to be a personal attack on you, it was addressed to Ray in a reminder of his rules on postings, also it was not meant to detract the value of your comments on the loss of open green spaces and the protection of The old Hedon Aerodrome in particular.
        Hedon and Preston residents need to be made aware and prepared as to the implications of this proposal by Lateral Power.
        I think Mrs Rena McCarthy raised some very interesting points in her posting on this web site on Feb 13th,I have also looked into various reports on this company, but have not been as successful as Mrs McCarthy.

        I hope that a lead from Hedon Town Council or Preston Parish Council is forth coming in forming a committee of interested local residents to fight these proposals maybe through Hedon Blog or HU12.
        From past experience I know what a group of dedicated individuals are capable of,Please remember what the supporters and committee of HOTI achieved!
        I suggest that the proposed development is part and parcel of Hull City Councils wider aims at expansion plans.

        In a recent letter from East Riding of Yorkshire Council to Hedon residents who’s property backs up to the old railway line, The Council expresses the opinion that
        “The Hedon Rail Trail is an important community resource that provides a useful and safe pedestrian route for residents and also forms part of a wider footpath network”, I hope that ERYC bear these comments in mind when the developer of the ECO Park proposes to build a road upon it from Staithes Road to a undisclosed point nearer Hedon. Regards Jim Uney, Hedon.

  4. I was initially pleased to read the above comments Neil until the comments about the houses on St Augustine’s Gate. It reads as though they were built through some kind of dodgy permission. Those houses were designed and put correctly through planning. I am upset by your comments as myself and our family have always supported Hedon campaigns and will continue to do so. Anyone who remembers my mother will recall her continued support for HOTI, protecting the interests of local businesses etc. You are entitled to your opinion however please consider your comments before making them. If significant objections to the planning permission had been made, permission would not have been granted. All I ask is that your comments are kept relevant to the article.

    1. I take on board your comments rachel, and as you say everyone has a right to there opinion, I apologise if my comments inferred it was some sort of dodgy planning, obviously not. i was merely pointing out some of what i personally find bad planning decisions and what happens when good people say nowt.

  5. I thought this thread would be awash with objections. Well i for one agree with councillor Dennis on this one, which i know is very unusual , however the racecourse is not only our separation from Hull but a piece of Historic green land which should be preserved for our children to enjoy as well as to show the boundaries between us and Hull. I am looking to our councillors for leadership on a campaign of objection to this preposterous invasion of what should be east riding land. We have suffered at the hands of developers long enough, may i remind you the poo factory (it wont smell) Hottie .. (not on our doorstep) developments on Paull road, new brick factories. Those ridiculous mock Tudor mansions down Ivy Lane in Hedon, Those houses which outlook a brick wall to the rear and have access through what was joiners arch on main street, Kingstown pub, how did they ever get planning for that, the list is endless. Im not against development but we need to improve infrastructure and services and build sympathetically not just to line the pockets of fat cat investors who have no interest in our little town.
    Its time we stood up and fought to preserve what’s ours. Come on Councillors forget the bingo and beer lets get something started.

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