yorkshire puddin'
Big yorkshire puddin’

CASH ATMs in the town (Automated Teller Machines) were all out of action yesterday Sunday 16th March 2014 we have been reliably informed.

There are only three ATMs in Hedon; at the HSBC, the Lloyds and at the big-Hedon Co-op – and apparently all three were not working!

Cash Machine Co-opSmall towns – residents and traders – are quite dependent on ATMs for cash, particularly on days when the banks are closed, so with all three down the effects can be extremely annoying and frustrating.

… And to make matters worse, we have been told that the Hedon Co-op run out of “cash back” cash!

We have dug into our archives and have discovered a way to mark this occasion – we would like to award the three banks with a Yorkshire Puddin’ Award.

So for your efforts – or lack of efforts – on Sunday 16th March 2014 we disrespectfully award the:

  • HSBC
  • Lloyds
  • Co-op bank

each with the dishonour of being called A BIG YORKSHIRE PUDDIN’.

Incidentally, the last time we awarded this dishonour was on Yorkshire Day August 1st 2010. Who did we award it to? You’ve guessed it – the banks!

4 thoughts on “Yorkshire Puddin’s! Award to town banks!

  1. It just goes to confirm something I have thought for a long time: the more we rely on machines the more we will be let down when they break down…and they will, it’s inevitable Does this complete failure of all the ATMs in Hedon go beyond the probability of mere chance? Maybe it’s an Asimov style revolt of the robots.

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