Elected - Colin Billany and Terry West

TWO NEW COUNCILLORS will join Hedon Town Council as a result of yesterday’s poll (Thursday 6th February 2014).

With 519 votes Independent Colin Billany (left above) topped the poll with UKIP’s Terry West in second place and also elected with 458 votes.

859 people voted (5 rejected ballot papers) and each could vote for up to two candidates. The turnout was 13% of the electorate.

The full results:

Colin Billany (Independent) – 519 – Elected
Terry West (UKIP) – 458 – Elected
Stephen Gallant (Labour) – 291
Brian Stockdale (Labour) – 257

Source: ERYC

The next full Hedon Town Council meeting is due to be held Thursday 13th February 2014.

10 thoughts on “Independent tops the Hedon poll, with UKIP also elected

  1. Steve, you keep referring to the controlling group on the council as Tory led, this group that have caused my wife Sue and I and Ann Suggit, so many problems, are labour supporters, you should know this as they were stood with you when the result was read out at the previous election when Cllr Rommel was voted in.

  2. Congratulations to both the new councillors, I am sure it was an upsetting evening for the labour supporters on the controlling group within the council. Cllr Dennis may be relieved following his and Steve Gallants exchanges on the blog.
    I agree with Cllr Ann Suggit in her letters to the Hull daily Mail and the Holderness Gazette that the two new councillors will have to be strong and resist the attempts by the controlling group to get them into the click.
    You are there to serve the Town and the people, nothing else. Good Luck.

    1. Jim, I’m sure John Dennis is more than capable of fighting for his views in any discussion with me., But I expect the Tory led controlling group on the Council will be content with the result. Cameron might have called UKIP “nutters”,, but they have a similar view on “small government” Lets see how our UKIP councillor votes . I congratulate Cllr Billany on a big vote of confidence topping the poll. I hope he is as independently minded as he seems !
      As for Labour, we were pleased to increase our vote and will continue to challenge the current councils approach of short sighted cuts here in Hedon to keep Beverley happy.

      1. I look forward to your continuing challenges to the council Steve , however i seem to recall last time you lost the election you stopped commenting on the blog until you were standing for election again recently, a lesser person may think you have little interest in our little town and that you are really using it as a stepping stone to further your political career . This election to most of us has been a waste of time and money and i look forward to 2015 when we can have a proper representation of the people serviing us instead of these that ignore the people and cling to power. The ballot box will have its say in the end.

  3. Well done to both candidates who were elected and good to see that independant colin toppef the poll …hope this is an indicator for 2015 when the next full election for both town and eryc takes place. We can then have our real say as to what has occurred on our council in recent months only disapointed our councillors didnt see the right thing to do was stand down and ckear the air with a full election …still the people can wait …and 2015 im sure will be a landmark for local politics ..

  4. Really disappointed that the crazy party UKIP got elected. I wouldn’t like to be gay or an immigrant in Hedon now.

    1. Hi Phil – As you are someone who regularly comments on the Blog, can I remind you that we prefer full names please – your comment has prompted some responses of disagreement but they have used first names only (and words in some of these replies were picked up by our bad-language filters – NB: most bad language use, means the comment goes straight into our Spam control filters, and so is seen by nobody, not even the Editor, it’s an automatic process).

      We prefer full and real names only please. We do recognise that through pressures of community, work, and family or because of issues outside of their control, some people prefer anonymity – but these will be the rare exceptions where people have asked for this to be taken into consideration.

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