Good foot care and nutty success – some local business news

Hedon walnuts! – Just one of the business news items this week….

BUSINESS continues to be tough in the current climate of austerity, but we noticed the following items of good news this month:

Sole Sisters sign cuFoot health practitioners Sole Sisters report that they are doing well; Louise King from the foot care and treatment specialists, told us that the practice in George Street, Hedon will employ a new member of staff:

“From next month, we shall have a new member of staff, my brother Paul is joining Allison and myself in the practice.

In light of recent business losses in the town, we have been very fortunate, and have built up an excellent customer base. Most of our business is repeat bookings, so we are luckier than some.”

Congratulations to Paul on his new employment at the firm which enjoyed its second anniversary in the town last October 2013.

The former Audio Room on St Augustine’s Gate – as a peer through the shuttered window will reveal – is currently the scene of a major restructure with the entire floor having been dug up.

Hedon walnuts!
Hedon walnuts!

The premises will form part of the new extended Heron Foods store, offering, in their words, an enhanced retail experience in the town. As part of the internal partial demolition and construction works being undertaken, is a programme of archaeological work to record or excavate any artefacts of historical interest that are discovered.

Perhaps one of the most surprising seasonal success stories is the sale of Hedon walnuts in the Fresh & Fruity shop in Market Place. The walnuts are grown in a local orchard and may not be the same ‘unblemished’ lighter colour as the supermarket-bought Californian nuts, but they certainly taste good!

Apparently the nuts are normally harvested in the Autumn and squirrels will usually finish off any left in trees! So we must be quite lucky to be enjoying them at this time of year!

If you know any more about local walnuts and their cultivation – please let us know or leave a comment!

Another food success story is from the Haven Arms who are ‘upping their game’. With a reference to the demise of the Alison Hall recently, the Haven Arms Times says:

“We have new smart menus and offer a service which is more restaurant-like than pub-like with more sense of occasion for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. We are conscious that the choice for better quality food experience has just got smaller locally and want to fully meet your needs.”

Open from 8am until 9pm for food, the offering from the Havenside bar and restaurant is already ‘up’ there according to our regular readers! So expect just more of the best!

Pass on your local business news stories to news@hu12online.net – so until next time – enjoy those seasonal nuts!

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