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Great Pantomime from Woolly Bottom in Hedon

If you were considering whether or not to see Sleeping Beauty or not, then stop ‘considering’ and just go and take the family – a good night’s entertainment!

Panto cast sqA GREAT pantomime is on offer this year from Hedon Drama Group as the Alexandra Hall is turned into the magical place of Woolly Bottom for the setting of Sleeping Beauty.

The show has everything you would expect from a pantomime:

Comedy. The Laurel & Hardy theme tune introducing Queen Dottie’s first entrance on stage gives you an idea of what to expect during the show, and Dave Jordan’s Pantomime Dame will be loved by the kids and his naughty innuendos will keep the adults entertained. I loved the moment in the show when somebody sneezed in the front row of the audience and Queen Dottie wiped their nose with a big hanky! Dave’s comedy duo act with Steff Beattie as the ‘straight-man’ King Norbert works really well.

Another great comedic duo is the wonderfully wicked – and distinctly Scottish sounding – fairy Carabosse (Cat Jordan) and her Brummy cat Spindleshanks (Helen Beet).  Their rivalry to be the best or most evil at everything leads to songs, chaos and fun. Who plays the best old-lady? Cat or fairy? You’ll have to watch the show for the hilarious cat-throttling answer!

Songs and Dance: The dance routines are simple but work really well – and just watch the expressions during the synchronised kitchen cutlery routine, where the characters look at each other in amazement as if to say ‘how are we doing this!?’. Classic.

The solo songs by Ashleigh Leigh (Princess Aurora) and Stacy Lister (Fairy Peaceful) are done very well and help set the scenes. A ‘Tiger Feet’ routine at the end of the show involves getting members of the audience up, and the star of opening night was the little 3 or 4 year old girl who was absolutely marvellous. But the routine may have benefited from an introductory bit to train people on how to do the Tiger Feet dance?

Slapstick and Strictly Panto: Sleeping Beauty has got it all; A Dream scene, Kitchen capers, Rats and Hammers, ‘they’re behind you’ Zombies, whipped-cream pies – and of course, essential for any Panto – cross-dressing characters!

Audience participation is always the key to enjoying Pantomime – and Cat Jordan as Carabosse won the audience over and had them booing from the word go! The manic shrieking laughter, with perhaps shades of Basil Fawlty intones, Carabosse was just delightfully devilish! Great performance! Credit also to Barbara Jordan as Kitty the Cat, who does so much without saying a word!

If you were considering whether or not to see Sleeping Beauty, then stop ‘considering’ and just go and take the family – a good night’s entertainment!

Sleeping Beauty is staged at the Alexandra Hall, St Augustine’s Gate, Hedon tonight Friday 24th January and tomorrow Saturday 25th January 2014 with shows starting at 7:30pm and a Saturday Matinee at 2:30pm.

Tickets: £5 (£4 concessions) / £15 for family of four. 

Thanks to the British Red Cross shop staff in Hedon for organising teas and coffees!

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