THIS PHOTOGRAPH taken in 1931 and featured on the Britain from Above website shows two Civilian Coupé aircraft at Hedon Aerodrome.

Only five of these type of aeroplanes were ever produced by the Civilian Aircraft Company of Hedon. One of them – the one in the foreground registered as G-ABNT – survived and is still air-worthy today! The ‘BNT’ part of the registration gave the plane its current nickname “Bunty”. See: Historic Hedon Airplane ‘Bunty’ still flying! on HU12 Online.

Click the image below to see more information about it at the Britain from Above website:
Hedon Civilian Coupe EPW036537


One thought on ““Bunty” picture from 1931

  1. My niece, a Hedon girl, who is a qualified flying instructor and commercial aircraft pilot, assures me that the plane on the right hand side in the photograph is a De Havilland Leopard Moth. She pointed out the distinctive shape of the tail plane.
    Flying out of Coventry, she is employed by a company who own and fly a few Dakota Aircraft. This small fleet was further reduced this last Autumn when she piloted her favourite Dakota to new owners at Berlin.
    The plane, a veteran of the 19 – 48 Berlin airlift was also involved in the famous Arnhem parachute drop in WW2, a site which she ensured was on the Flight Path for sentimental reasons……

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