Star Wars at Nutmegs

STAR WARS characters made a fleeting appearance in Hedon Market Place on Saturday morning – but there wasn’t a hint of the ‘Dark Side of the Force’ as they had all turned up in support of charity!

Yoda came too!

Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and even Grand Master Yoda hitching a ride, all turned up to support a Charity Challenge in the centre of Hedon on Saturday 7th December 2013. Seven charity fundraisers carried out a series of quick bizarre actions in the town’s main roads before shooting off to new adventures around Hedon and Preston.

A visit to Nutmegs – full of early morning customers – to place an object behind the counter was just one of these strange incidents, which was followed by two re-enactments from the Star Wars and the Harry Potter movies (I think!?) in front of the Hedon Christmas Tree!

It was certainly something that Hedon does not see normally on a Saturday morning!  It was all part of the Fitness Charity Challenge organised in support of the Brain Tumour Charity by members of the Fitness Academy Hull at Saltend.

We’ll find out from organiser Neil Johnson what else happened on this eventful morning – one thing was certain ‘The Force’ was certainly with them!

Off to the next Galaxy!
Off to the next Galaxy!

4 thoughts on “Return of the Jedi… in Hedon Market Place!

  1. It wasn’t just a Star Wars theme, other teams dressed as elves, Santas, Where’s Wally? and other colourful characters on the day.

    Organiser Neil Johnson described the events: “Each team were issued with a doll – yes a doll – and had a warm up session to Queen’s Don’t stop me now! and Black Lace’s Superman. I think this set the tone for the entire day (and night!).

    Teams set off in staggered times and those waiting at the gym got to start on their physical activities to earn extra points. Some of these tasks included flipping a tractor tire 10 or 25 times, which most people loved doing, holding strict wall squats and performing 100 burpees.

    What really made the day was the amazing amount of effort put in by all the participants and the money they raised. The movie scene recreation task was absolutely amazing. People threw themselves into the roles of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing (the doll came into play here as baby in a corner), Harry Potter fought Voldemort, Tom cruise high fived Goose on the volleyball court, Luke locked lightsabers with Lord Vader and Rocky slugged it out with Ivan Drago!

    Teams started arriving back at the gym a bit red faced and breathless before attempting the rest of the challenges. Overall the day was a huge success!”

    Neil says the event will have raised over £500, and he’s already planning another challenge for next year so watch out for that.

  2. I wish I had known I would have gone out to support them. I had a brain tumour and know how difficult it is.

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