IT’S BLOWY out there folks! Take care in the high winds! And watch out for the bits of blown debris that threaten to whack you in the face as you’re out and about!

And that puzzle – have you noticed how the action of the wind seems to have piled up the leaves in neat piles!?

For further weather information, check out the Met Office website.

Visit: Met Office

2 thoughts on “Take care in the wind… and a puzzle!

  1. HI ALL,

    Taking about the topic, simply – “Wind” !!– and I suffered personally from it when my pair of ash “Bails” blew off the stumps, whilst Umpiring at Pickering , this summer just past!
    Luckily, I possessed a pair of Ebony ones, they are almost black in colour but nicely grained, being denser than water (and a bit denser than me?), the ‘ blowing off’ problem was quickly solved!

    My Brother- in – Law, Len Straker (Bridlington), turned them four years ago, but someone remarked that they had been “doctored” with molten lead poured into the spigot ends. No way!
    Incidentally, some 70 odd years ago, Len started out as a Hedon P.C. and he used to lodge with Kath & Arthur Moody, Kath being Hedon’s first Lady Mayor. (Could you say that I’m a bit Weird!?? ) in these columns………….
    Cheers, Malc.

  2. FOR THOSE concerned about the local flooding issues:

    The latest news from the Paull Village Hall Facebook page is that the tide has turned this morning, but seawards so avoiding any further flooding. According to the East Riding Council they received reports of flooding to approximately 12 properties in Paull last night and issued sandbags to defend houses. Evacuation plans were put in place, although these were not required.

    Meanwhile in Kilnsea roads into the village became impassable last night due to overtopping caused by the tidal surge. Council officers checked in on Sandy Beach Caravan Park and residents on lower ground were offered shelter by a local public house.

    We have affixed a list of local useful ‘latest news’ weblinks about the weather over on HU12 Online.

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