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Hedon Mayor resigns!

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL has been hit by the dramatic resignation of two of its high-profile members last night…

The Mayor and Mayoress and Cllr Suggit in happier times
The Mayor and Mayoress and Cllr Suggit – Resigned!

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL has been hit by the dramatic resignation of two of its high-profile members last night!

The Mayor of Hedon Councillor Jim Lindop read out a brief statement prior to the start of the Town Council meeting last night, announcing his and wife Sue’s resignation as the Mayor and Mayoress of Hedon. This was followed by a letter read out by long-standing Hedon Councillor Ann Suggit who also announced her resignation from the council she has served on for 50 years. The three then left the council chamber followed by a small group of supporters from the public.

The resignations come amidst claims of a “vendetta” against the Mayor and Mayoress by some other councillors.

The news will shock the local political establishment and also local civic and community leaders.

The Hedon Blog has been aware of some tensions amongst council members since the Mayor Making ceremony in May 2013, and the last six-months have seen individual councillors on both sides of this dispute experiencing distress and tears.

The Hedon Blog has been given copies of the statements from the two councillors concerned.

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  1. It thought it sad to note that at last council when John was installed as the new mayor that the two councillors, one who shouted and the one who punch the air in triumph (see attached video) feel they can attend and nothing is said by them or to them by their fellow councillors, all I can say is that their behaviour is not to the standard I wish to see on my council. Have they any conscience, I think not ?

  2. Hi Neil, I am Hedon Resident #2. I am willing to be ‘outed’ to save embarrassment to Ray Duffill who does a great job of running the Hedon Blog. I had attempted to remain anonymous as I am involved with the campaign objecting to the building Application for Wychcroft field and didn’t want the two separate issues combined.
    Neil, your comprehensive response to my entry on the blog will resonate with many Hedon residents I am sure. You make that point that many think the best solution is for all members of the Council to stand down immediately for re-election so that those Councillors who may have been at the root of the current unrest can be un-elected. The point I was trying to get across is that there may not be a vast number of candidates coming along to take any vacant places. Indeed, you have put part of the argument in your own post – Councillors do not get paid. The exception is the allowance paid to the Mayor for his/her attendance (required) at Civic functions, both local and countywide. For example, he/she has to host the Mayor Making dinner for maybe 100 people, and provide dinner or refreshments at various other civic functions for the High Sheriff and those which all the other Mayors attend, Silver Shows etc. The current Council Members are prepared to give up their time on our behalf. I don’t believe they do it for self-interest, or for financial gain, nor is it really a closed-shop. Being a Hedon Town Councillor is, I am sure, a very rewarding role, and I certainly hope there are plenty of civic minded individuals who would consider standing for election, regardless of the unfortunate circumstances in recent months. A lynch-mob approach is not helpful – especially as the advice is already given on the Blog by EYC that all the remaining Councillors will continue in place until the next full election. I hope that the Town Council meeting on Thursday evening will be an opportunity for us to show support and gratitude to our Councillors and that the meeting takes place without personal opinions and grievances being given prominence.

  3. Just to correct some information, councillors on Hedon Town Council do not receive pay, the Mayor receives a mayoral allowance, it dos cost more than this allowance to be the Mayor and Mayoress. any Mayoral function such as mayor making, mayors civic sunday, silver shows,food and drinks, flowers, transport, donations, prizes, hotels ect, all must be provided by the Mayor and Mayoress.

  4. I have read with interest all the various comments on the Hedon Blog. Emotions have been running very high, but whatever our individual views on what took place on Thursday 14th November, it is time Hedon residents looked forward. It is not dignified for our Civic leaders (past and present) to continue to air their grievances in public.
    I was present at Town Hall when Councillor Lindop and Councillor Suggitt announced their resignations from Hedon Town Council. This took place before the formal Agenda commenced. The Planning Meeting was held as planned, and each remaining member of the Town Council executed their duties in a serious and thoughtful manner. These are our Town Councillors, they represent the Hedon residents, and they were voted in to hold office for 4 years, so they remain in place until the next full election which will occur in May 2015.
    There are now 2 vacancies on the Council, so an election may take place very soon for these vacancies. However, an election will only take place if more than two candidates come forward to fill the two vacant places on the Council.
    I have been a Hedon resident for over 40 years, and I am pleased to see that the current excitement has brought many fellow residents to action (e.g. happy to voice their opinions via the Hedon Blog). However, bearing in mind that Hedon has a population of around 8000, I understand that in the last full election held in Hedon only a few hundred residents actually voted.
    Hedon needs more than 5% of our population to take an interest in the civic side of our lovely Town.
    Hedon Town Councillors give of their time freely to fulfil their civic duties and there doesn’t appear to be a queue of candidates lining up to join them. I have read many views on the Hedon Blog which suggest the entire Council should be replaced. Well, as I have said, there will be the opportunity to achieve that when they all stand for re-election in 2015. However, I suspect that whilst our remaining loyal Councillors will offer themselves up for re-election, there may not be too many new faces prepared to take up the opportunity.

    1. The Hedon Blog will not normally publish anonymous comments, but in this case (“HEDON RESIDENT #2” above), it is an important point of view and the Editor knows the commentator.

      However, generally, please take note that anonymous comments are unlikely to be published on the Hedon Blog.

      1. So Ray – if the Blog doesn’t publish anonymous comments, how come, among others, we have ‘RayJ’. ‘jamesb80’, ‘Sarah’ and ‘Anne’ popping up??, Respectfully yours
        Lydia Teapot xx

        1. Dear Lydia – You’ve pointed out precisely why I prefer full real names please! It’s about building a community of commentators that people know and trust. So all the people you mention – please, please use your real full names in future posts!

          I know who you all are!

          1. Hello Ray,
            I totally understand your reasoning for requiring that comments on these blogs are by identifiable authors to help develop the trust of the local community. My worry concerns those members of the community that are not in a position to otherwise speak freely (through pressures of community/work/family or commitments outside of their control). Are these people not entitled to voice an opinion or pose questions? Or is their only opportunity to be at the election day?

    2. Hedon resident, has it not occured to you that people have no interest in local politics as it appears the council is a closed shop, the co opting of councillors in who have lost seats in the actual election although quite legal and above board seems a bit imoral especially when there was a fresh candidate also showing interest in the position as im led to believe, candidate are not coming forward for the two seats as there is a fear of recieving the same treatment as Ann Suggit the mayor and mayoress, in mine and what would seem a lot of other peoples opinions the only way to give confidence back to the council is for a full election .Whilst becoming involved in all this ive made it my buisness to find out about a few things , im told the lord mayor has to fund his own ceremony dinner and this costs thousands from what im told , this alone is enough to put anyone off who doesnt have a stash of cash to pay for it.
      Ive not named anyone personally in this debate as far as im aware, and I do know some of the councillors personally , ive said what I have heard , no one from the council has made any statement as to what has happened and people have only witnessed the appalling video of the resignations I know councillors do an amazing job but this has left a bad taste and the only way to set things right is a full election,councillors can stand again but then its up to the people to decide.a councillor with over 50 years service to t his town has felt things are so bad she has had to resign , surely this alone says we need to have fresh election.

  5. Whilst understanding how serious and bitter the situation became – and still is – amongst those involved with Hedon Town Council, as Editor I see little point in the Hedon Blog being used as a forum to re-visit the incidents which led to the resignations. Information on these incidents has been widely reported in the Holderness Gazette, Hull Daily Mail and Yorkshire Post amongst others.

    Therefore, as Editor, I will not be allowing those comments which seek to apportion blame (to individuals, councillors, ex-councillors, etc) to be published. In the last 2 days I’ve had 91 comments on the issue of the Mayor resigning of which I’ve been unable to publish because they rather 1. name an individual(s) to apportion blame 2. have used foul language or 3. have offered a valued opinion, but then gone on to do 1. or 2. above.

    These 91 comments received since Thursday and not published (and the other unpublished comments received since 15th November) have, today, been permanently deleted.

    Some of the comments have been quite heart-rendering with people feeling very strongly about the issue and the people involved. This is not censorship, but rather maintaining the Hedon Blog as a friendly forum for people to visit.

    Comments and opinions on this thread (i.e. this article), should now concentrate on what happens next, and the way forward for the town of Hedon.

    Ray Duffill, Editor, Hedon Blog

  6. So this councillor finds it unfair, what’s unfair is receiving 8 letters over 6 months from five fellow councillors, two of these letters containing a disgusting insinuation for which I have taken legal advice.
    The Mayoress within the Town Hall being shouted on separate occasions by two female councillors, both of which where reported to the standards committee, some of the letters signed by this councillor and her partner (not a councillor), and its unfair ??

  7. in reply to Cllr Rommel’s comment thanking Jan for her encouragement, I think you will find the encouragement is for the x councillor Sarah Jordan who also had issues with the Hedon Towns councillors.

  8. I disagree Neil. We are all being treated as guilty and hate is being whipped up against all of us. This is not a perfect world where the fact a person is innocent protects them. In this case the whole council is being targeted. Why should we have no qualms? Who knows we are innocent? Who will take our word for it? Thank you Jan for your encouragement. I have only been on the Council seven months and I have worked very hard as a Councillor. I have done my best for the people. I couldn’t even afford to run again Neil.

    1. Tell us publicly what happened ? The public have lost confidence, from the outside it appears bullies are in charge the only way to restore confidence is to have a full election and let the public make there own mind up, its called democracy for a reason!

    1. Hi Sarah – I hope the council continues to pursue your ideas for broadcasting Town Council meetings. I think that this would go a long way to “de-mystifying” the Council (if that’s the right word?) for local residents, and actually this would also help local residents to get to know who their Councillors actually are. So please keep up the good work with that.

      However, I’m not sure how much broadcasting the council meetings would have helped in this case, as most of the disputes seem to have taken place away from the public meetings, i.e. while councillors have been going about their duties and functions in the Town Hall and other places, or on the phone.

      People can only speculate on what has happened behind the scenes, because the only ones who really know are those involved – other people tend to side with those they know and trust.

      I think it’s important not to “condemn” everyone too. Condemnation and assigning blame is something we all do when feeling hurt – the difficult job now is to move on from that.

      1. there can be no moving on until trust is re-established in the council, without any information coming from the council or council members people feel that bullying tactics have been used against the mayor and Ann Suggit who have now resigned , the question people are asking is does this leave bullies in charge of the council??
        I realise there are some great Councillors but i and many others feel the only way to move on is for all Councillors to stand down and an election to be called. Councillors with nothing to worry about should have no qualms with this.

        1. I presume you have written to the CE at ERYC, or e.mailed, requesting an Election Neil. We cant just sit back and hope other’s do it. I noted a request, for those who have, to mention it on here in order that we have an insight as to how many do.

          1. I have emailed and asked for information on how we can demand a full election, am still awaiting a reply , I will be ringing on monday should I still have no information. I believe there is a public meeting on thursday which I shall be attending with others I would ask everyone who cares about the future of Hedon and whos running it, to attend , these councillors who are hoping this will just blow over are mistaken, and we have still no reaction either from the council or individual members .the people of Hedon are disgusted by what has happened and everyone ive spoken to are of the opinion a full election is what is called for to restore confidence in the council.

  9. I have written my letter Jim lets hope the people of Hedon see sense and follow suit. After what has happened we definitely need an election. I have lost all faith in the current council.

  10. In order that the people of Hedon chose by having an election who they want on Hedon Town council, 10 people from Hedon must write to the Chief Exec, ERYC, County Hall, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 9BA, requesting that an election is held. If this is not done the vacancy on the council will be filled by co-option. This means someone will have to put there name forward, then they the council will vote someone in. This is how Cllr David Thompson returned to the council after he was voted off at the last election.

    1. I have e.mailed the Chief Exec, Jim, and posted on my FB encouraging my friends and family in Hedon to do the same. Don’t lose heart Sarah. I think the majority of the public know where the problems lie.

  11. I would like to thank Ann Suggit and Jim Lindop for their services to Hedon and it’s people over a protracted period, they both embodied precisely the qualities required to be councillors. I hope the people of hedon will show their gratitude to them which they both so richly deserve.

  12. Jim.

    You’ve obviously misunderstood what I said. I didn’t say or intimate that members of council came to the town hall and stopped it.
    When consulted about how to respond to your request to display your letter they mostly preferred the option of posting of a simple notice as a means of confirmation of the resignations, which is what the Town Clerk has done.
    I’m advised that even the displaying of a brief notice is over and above what the Council is legally required to do as the formal confirmation would appear in the Minutes of the next full Council Meeting.
    Hope this is helpful.


  13. Just found this video of the moment our mayor found he has no option to resign, which has still not been acknowledged by the council with a formal letter i may add, check out some of the responses as long serving Councillor Suggit resigns, Is this the council we want representing us, there are ongoing cases with the standards committee , i have asked eryc for info but its confidential, shouldnt we have the rights to see whats going on ?? come on councillors put us in the picture please!!

  14. I have asked why my resignation letter has not been displayed in the Town Hall notice board, Cllr Dennis has informed me that councillors have been into the Town Hall and appear to have stopped it, There is a short notice saying Mr Jim Lindop and Ann Suggit have resigned. Readers of the blog may read my notice in my comment 18th Nov 11.27am. I ask residents of Hedon may make there own mind up.

  15. I have been made aware of the difficulties which faced The Mayor and Mayoress of Hedon. The egotistical nature of some members of the Council and their limited appreciation of the greater good of those who reside in Hedon has amounted in two pro-active and widely respected individuals to resign.

    The decisions made my Jim and Anne to resign would not have come easy considering their lifelong ties with the town of Hedon.

    The World Wide Web has afforded some insight into the resignation; what is frightfully apparent is the reaction of one councillor at the regrettable news that Anne was also resigning. The councillor in question raises a fist of joy at the news which would leave any reasonable individual with questions regarding vendettas against community minded individuals such as Anne and Jim.

    The video is on YouTube, anyone wishing to access this evidence and see for yourselves then appalling behaviour of some other council member can be viewed if you access the media site and search for “Hedon Mayor Resigns”.

    From information which has been widely discussed and mooted over for a considerable period of time, certain individuals within the council have created such a reputation that they (I must stress not All) have been labelled as the “Hedon Mafia”, something which appears to have manifested in their alleged personal attacks on those who do not share their limited and selfish stance.

    It is a sad day when individuals and groups create such an unworkable atmosphere and environment that they effectively bully and intimidate others.

    1. The official announcement of Ann and Jim’s resignation is now available on Hedon Town Council’s Website. If anyone is wishing to learn more as to what has happened to make Ann,plus Jim and his wife resort to resigning, would The Freedom of Information Act be of any use? It may cost a Fiver for Five A4 size copies provided and £1 each for any extra ! You should get a reply within 20 days and requests are to be submitted in writing or electronic mail, Would it be considered Naughty at this moment in time to recommend the two departing Councillors be awarded some honour such as being given The Freedom of the Town or maybe being made a Burgess…….

  16. I would ask Neil to give all of us who are very disturbed to hear of misdeeds and skulduggery in any body of elected representatives, the benefit of the information
    he has heard so that appropriate questions can be asked.
    It is a very thin line between facts and interpretations of those “facts” Please, Neil
    for the sake of JUSTICE being seen to be as well as being done for fractures of this nature can ruin a community that may take many years to heal and lets get all the facts out in the open.

    1. I am asking for our Councillors to come forward and tell us whats actually fact and in open debate, what has offended the Lord Mayor to stand down and a long established Councillor such as Anne Suggit to also relinquish her post, the town is awash with rumours, why have no Councillors come forward to explain whats gone on, why has no documentation been displayed on any council notice boards regarding these resignations, reading various press reports and listening to some of the stories going about i am led to believe there has been what can only be described as bullying tactics involved, I never said it to be true i asked on two occasions for an explanation and a response from the council, as a constituent i want to be assured my local council is being run by sensible adults and not squabbling children, quite honestly i am embarrassed on behalf of Hedon.

  17. I am in full agreement Neil. I left the council because I was fed up of the petty squables. Its not what I signed up for. Ann Suggitt is one of the strongest women I know and things must of got worse for her to resign.

  18. Why have the people of Hedon not been privy to a notice at the Town Hall or the Community notice board? Surely this should have been implemented as soon as the resignations were received. Are we not owed an explanation as to why before more ugly rumours circulate? Jim and Sue are the Mayor and Mayoress Hedon have needed for many years and Ann Suggitt has given most of her life to the needs of Hedon. I totally agree with Neil Shillito that we raise a vote of
    ‘no confidence’ in our remaining Councillors in order to weed out those who, like Jim & Sue and Ann of course, who have the true interests of Hedon at heart and those who only have concerns for their own personal gains. Well said Niel.

  19. Since my last statement on here i have heard disturbing stories about how our Councillors have been behaving behind the doors of the town hall, and to say i am shocked is an understatement. I think its time the people had a full and frank explanation from the town council on exactly what has gone on. Its outrageous that our best performing Lord Mayor and lady mayoress for years have felt things so bad they have had to resign there posts not to mention Ann Suggitt who has served our community for longer than i have been alive, These were proper Hedon people who really know and care about their constituents and the local area. Are we now to leave the running of our town to a group of what can only be called schoolyard bullies. The council has yet to make any public statement, I am calling for a vote of no confidence in the present remaining council and that there be a full election, then the Councillors involved can put there cases forward and let the real people of Hedon decide.
    I would like advice on how to do this legally and will be in discussions to organise a petition demanding the council step down.
    I will update this information as and when i receive more information.

  20. I resigned prior to the council meeting last Thursday evening followed by Ann Suggits resignation, I sent my resignation statement to the Town Hall at 10.52 on Friday, as of today my resignation letter has not been posted in the Town hall notice boards or the Community notice board in the Market Place.
    I would have thought that the people of Hedon should be informed what is happening to their council.
    It was interesting to note that by lunchtime last Friday my profile and Ann Suggits profile were deleted from the Hedon Town Councils website.

  21. What I would like to see is a full and frank explanation in to what exactly has gone on , as for building more houses , before any further building is proposed we need to address the lack of services to cater for the people we already have in hedon, and also sort out the drainage as per the document dating back to 1972 which warns no further housing should be built until nessasary drainage has been improved … hardly relevant on this thread penny….. come on councillors what exactly has happened . Explain yourselves please

  22. Unbelievable! Councillor Lindop was the best thing to happen to Hedon Town Council in a long time. As a former Hedon Town Councillor myself it was a pleasure to work alongside him. And I am devastated to hear Councillor Suggitt has resigned she was an inspiration to me and offered me so much advice. These two Councillors were passionate about Hedon and the people. I only hope this matter is looked into and the remaining councillors are held accountable for their actions which caused two valuable members of the community to step down from the role they were so committed too.

  23. Another thought – the long standing problems that have led to this situation may well have been avoided while still at the “talking” stage if the fundamental right of the electorate to Access All meetings and decisions made and carried out in our name.
    Whoever may be right or wrong it is sad that anyone’s career should end this way.

  24. Just a thought – but if there is unfortunate disarray in the ranks – then maybe the decision to not build the houses in Hedon should be reconsidered – in the light of the desperate need for housing nationwide ?

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