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Planning Application – Erection of 28 dwellings North of Magdalen Lane

Permission is being sought to build 28 new two-storey dwellings, with associated access roads, parking areas, landscaping and other works at the pocket of land known as Wychcroft

Wychcroft - Google Map location of proposed development area
Wychcroft – Google Map location of proposed development area

A PLANNING APPLICATION lodged with the East Riding Council is seeking permission to build 28 new two-storey dwellings, with associated access roads, parking areas, landscaping and other works at the pocket of land known as Wychcroft to the North of Magdalen Lane.

The information about the application was given at last night’s meeting of Hedon Town Council’s Planning Committee. The meeting was told that this represents a major strategic planning application that East Riding Planners say needs careful consideration.

There will be obvious concerns with such a large scale development proposal, including the loss of green open space and the threat of increased flood risk.

We will bring you more information about this next week and get initial responses from local people.

The planning application and associated documents can be viewed online at the East Riding Council’s Planning Portal website.

Visit: Planning Public Access and enter 13/03180/STPLF in the search box and click on Associated Documents.

11 thoughts on “Planning Application – Erection of 28 dwellings North of Magdalen Lane

  1. The area is one of the last green areas and has historical significance for the residents who live in Hedon. The road system in question along Magdalen Lane has increased dramatically over the years as there is building work further down the lane. The increased traffic of cars, farm vehicles and heavy goods vehicles that trundle down Magdalen Lane and access Watson Drive and Baxtergte cause increased danger and noise polution as speed limits are more than often exceeded. These problem will be heightened further by building the specified amount of houses as this will crete more traffic and noise polution to the area not to mention the worry over the possibility of floods to Wychcroft field.

  2. I agree, we should oppose any development on this field, there are not many Historic Towns with as many green areas as we have within the Town Centre, and long may it continue

  3. So have I, Geoff. Everyone who loves Hedon and has concerns for its future should make their views known to the ERYC Planning Committee.

  4. Well Folks I have sent my letter to ERYC Planning !!!!
    Have you made your opinion known?????
    Is there to be a petition against this development???

  5. For the information of bloggers, this field is one of 17 sites in Hedon that were put forward for inclusion in the Draft Local Plan which is approaching its final stages, and goes to E.R. Cabinet next month for acceptance. Throughout its process ( it’s taken about 5 years so far) the Hedon Town Council has consistently opposed almost all of the 17 sites, and voted for them not to be developed until all risks of flooding have been removed. And, importantly, senior East Riding planning officers have accepted Hedon’s recommendations and recommended rejection of all sites in the town.
    What seems to have happened here is that the developer has decided to side-step the Local Plan process and slip an application in now, in the hope of obtaining approval while the door is still partly open.
    Hedon TC will (presumably) not be changing its stance when the application gets considered on 9th November, but anyone in opposition to (or in support of) the plans should either write or email the Town Council and the ERYC Planning Dept. , and indeed, attend the meetings at which verbal representations (for and against) are normally permitted.
    Leaving comments on this blog is useful, but won’t ‘cut the mustard’ in committee, either in Hedon, or at County Hall. For your opinion to count you need to go to rhe next level.
    As Chair of Hedon Planning Committee, I’m being careful not to express an opinion one way or the other on this application, so I am able speak and vote in committee

  6. once again we see the once historic town of hedon burdoned by more housing.surely the time has come to put a stop to these people ruining our town.hedon is close to bursting point already and the last thing we need is more house and of course the extra cars that come with them.come on councillors and give us a break enough is enough.

  7. If it goes ahead one more area of attractive green space will be lost forever and Hedon will become more overburdened. There was planning permission given some years ago but when there was no development it expired under planning rules. That allowed a few houses along the northern and eastern edges of the field but retained the general feeling of green space elsewhere, particularly important in supporting the very attractive Watson Park. Take note Hedon Town Council and East Ridining Councillors. This is unacceptable. I shall watch further developments with interest and, I suspect, increasing concern

  8. There are three (3) areas of concern relating to this application
    1 Density of housing within the area
    2 Flood level implications. there was a lot of flooding in Wychcroft in the past.
    3 Increased traffic volumes in an already heavily used road net work adjacent to a one way system
    I personally cant see an advantage for the Historic town of Hedon to justify this development and would be willing to oppose the residential development of this area

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